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Author Topic: 1.4 How to deal with the Western Romans?  (Read 481 times)

1.4 How to deal with the Western Romans?
« on: October 22, 2020, 10:05:07 PM »


I've tried a few times on hard with 1.4 (possibly 1.4.1 now) and was wondering how people are dealing with the newly aggressive Romans? 

The other tribes still seem to be harmless but the Romans and the W Romans in particular are v aggressive. I tried gifting them 50 gold in one game but they still declared war a few moves later.  Presumably one should align with their religion - or rather the religion of the nearer Romans - as a starting point. If they are going to invade with stacks of 3 legions with 90 power about move 75 say then i don't really see how you can assemble an army to take them out even if they have to encamp and reduce this to 45. I suppose you could maybe get 4 or 5 spearmen if you have plenty of iron and a promoted weapon smith   Once they'd declared war I relied on diggers since I wanted to be able to flee but I guess you should build mines and try to get as much iron as possible as quickly as possible, hoping that you can run later?

In this latest game as the Saxons (with a free galley) I hoped  to find a nice island in the mediterranean to flee to but there wasn't one. Of course,  I would have had plenty of food if I could have built a single stone based sheep ranch once I had a butcher  but it would surely have been pillaged by those nice W Romans and once I started running, the stocks soon ran out.

Anyway, have other people played much with the latest version and how have you done?