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i have just installed ATG, and i have two questions : first, i want to change the resolution : i prefer to play in a window with a resolution lower than the max one. And here, ATG only gives me the choice for the max one, so it's not usefull. I tried to find the file settings.xml to see if i can manually modify it, but i wasn't able to find it.

I have to precise that i'm on linux, and if i look in the directories and subdirectories in .steam/ etc i don't find the directory Settings.

My second question, and i don't have looked at it for the moment, but if i want to translate the game in french, which directorie/files should i loook at?

Thanks for your answers.

i found the file with all texts.

but still not found the Setting.xml file.

It will only generate the settings folder and XML file once you run the game at least once, or at least it should.
Then the graphics/window settings are right at the top.

i found the settings file few weeks ago (it was in .local/share/AtTheGates/Settings/ and not in .steam/...etc  where i was looking for it before), so now it's ok for me, i can run it with the window resolution i wish.

But i couldn't access to the forum earlier (website not found, after that my posts could not be sent and it sayed to me that i'm banned ...... )

Now it seems to work again.


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