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Author Topic: My TROOPS deserted & switched TRIBE | v.1.4.1  (Read 165 times)

My TROOPS deserted & switched TRIBE | v.1.4.1
« on: July 05, 2020, 02:32:56 AM »

As u can see in the pic attached, sth. wicked goes on ...

1. I was friends with THE FRANKS.
2. Due to winter coldness I declared WAR to them, as I needed to temporarily take their SETTLEMENT
3. After this my troops acting strange. Now brothers turned into foes! I can now attack my own troops as u can see in the pic

What happened? Is this normal? Am I going to bring them into my settlement (for Magister Militum)?

Liebe Gr??e,

Add: I made some fun and attacked my own SETTLEMENT! The Game crashed & u can check out the Crash.Log and Screenshot.
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