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Author Topic: 1.4.1 Diplomacy Contacts bugged/too long  (Read 268 times)

1.4.1 Diplomacy Contacts bugged/too long
« on: July 06, 2020, 11:23:34 AM »
Bought the game recently, I like the 4X concept very much (even worked on Civ3 back in the day). But to get it running in the first place I had to replace the default D3DX9_41.dll since this game (like a few old ones) doesn't like the version supplied by the most recent Windows 10.

Anyway, game works ok, aside from missing text and "TODO" messages. However, I encountered a serious issue.
In my first ever game I mostly monkeyed around, including building a galley early and exploring the map (like you'd do in Civ ;)). That way I met tons of major and minor factions (several of which who promptly declared war on me ::)). The list is so long that the Diplomacy Contact box (F3) is overloaded, see attached screenshot. And since you cannot scroll it, and it doesn't wrap into 2 or more columns, there is no way to contact the factions at top and bottom (including both Rome's).
A strange consequence of that bug is also that previously declared wars appear to be ineffective. I was at war with the Alemanni (orange), but I cannot contact them as they are outside the visible list. And I cannot attack/capture their explorer that you can see in the screenshot.

I tried messing with the font size, but the location/size of the buttons is fixed. I didn't find any XML setting to tell it to use 2 columns or to decrease the button size/spacing. So essentially once you meet too many factions, you won't be able to contact some of them. Which also makes it impossible to declare war on them (so in this case I cannot declare war on the Romes).

Re: 1.4.1 Diplomacy Contacts bugged/too long
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2020, 07:25:02 AM »
One work-around would be to kill off some of the tribes, especially the minor ones. However, when I tried doing that from the start in a new game, I found you cannot do it.
When you defeat the fighting clans of a (minor) tribe, you are given the option to capture or pillage the settlement. I chose pillage the first time.

BUG?: After 2 turns the settlement is repaired and you can capture/pillage again. That means essentially unlimited money, since you get 100 treasure and 2 victory points for each pillaging action, so every 3 turns. Seems a bit ... overpowered.

Capturing puts the (minor) settlement under your control, but that only lasts for one turn. Then it reverts to the "white" state and you can capture/pillage again.  :-\
So how exactly can you wipe out minor tribes?


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Re: 1.4.1 Diplomacy Contacts bugged/too long
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2020, 05:40:07 PM »
The capture process seems weird for me too ... i don't understand it.
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