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Author Topic: Minor Caravan display bug  (Read 331 times)

Minor Caravan display bug
« on: September 27, 2019, 02:36:16 PM »
Hello everyone,

I encounter a small bug on the latest Mac version : the caravan page is getting larger than my actual window screen after the first upgrade. No big deal you might think, BUT the problem is that I can't uprade the caravan again to the next steps, so it's kind of a bumer.

Searching the forum I found no topic about this, but please tell me if there is. Since I'm pretty new to the game I don't know if this bug happens to other windows than caravan page. I don't know if this bug can be fixed by myself or if it's known and part of future update plans.

Thanks for letting me know ! I already love the game, keep up the great work !

My specs :
Non-retina MacbookPro (1440x900) mid-2012
Intel Core i7 2,6GHz 3rd Generation
Nvidia GeForce  GT650M
500GB ssd