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Author Topic: 500 turns and some bugs  (Read 324 times)

500 turns and some bugs
« on: September 13, 2019, 05:34:53 AM »

really like the game. Especially the art style which is appealing to all age groups and well executed in animations and fullcreen drawings. The varied starting conditions for the clans are very intersting so far as well. The extensive set of professions keeps me experimenting :).

In now 2.5 games I have played about 500 turns (which then the game told me to clean up my hard drive^^) and have encountered a ... number ... of smaller and bigger bugs. No gameplay critique, just bugs here:

- Tooltip of the roman roads has a zero devision error or text error.
- Quatermaster upgrading is available without a quatermaster trained. It is sufficient to finish the profession research for the upgrade to be available.
- A clan with profession A which is upgraded loses all bonuses when it is retrained to another profession and then trained back to profession A. The clan information screen lists all purchased upgrades, but they don't take any effect. Even worse, the upgrades can't be re-purchased. This bug is really frustrating, beacause it means you better not retrain your clans at all.
- In the research screen the tooltip of the stars on the Instructor state that you can remove traits for zero parchment, which is incorrect.
- The Collier has no description in the research screen.
- The calculation for "Starving" warning is wrong. I had the starving warning a lot of times (almost permanently) when my food stock was low, but my production high enough to not have my clans starve.
- Tooltip of the woodsman trait is wrong. Can't remember whats wrong though.
- "Wreckage" from abandoned buildings is displayed on top of the resource. Especially for livestock that looks weird.
- Upgrading a clan causes it to loose all it's remaining move points. Thats frustrating if you forget about it, since upgrading after moving has no negative consequence.
-  Ennobled level 10 clans get both upgrades for free, instead of one. I think this bug should be declared a feature :)
- The game crashes a lot when loading "end of previous turn" savegame.
- I encountered a crash which prevented me from completing my first game. I tried everything from changing reasearch to moving units someplace else doing everything differently but it still crahed on the same turn each time. Needless to say that was frustrating! Please see the attached files.
- A clan "afraid of water" will report "Desire granted" and be totally happy when trained as a fisherman, which is absolutely hilarious :D

I think At The Gates has a lot of potential still, it could be a lot more (long lasting) fun with what it has right now, but in a game which takes 200-300 turns to finish, those bugs must go away! Really quickly!