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Author Topic: What shall we do witht the resentful miner?  (Read 1590 times)

What shall we do witht the resentful miner?
« on: February 14, 2019, 09:06:30 PM »


I'm trying the Lombards in my latest game and it's certainly tough in the opening but about move 240 I finally stabilised the economy with a coinmaker and source of coal.

Stupidly, I used a disgraced and fractious miner to build the coal shaft mine and he has kept on getting resentful to the point that it would now cost 80 alcohol to placate him for a few moves. He wants me to punish a cheerful and accomplished wood carver inside the settlement but I already sided with this guy against the miner yonks ago and I don't even have the option.

So I have a permanent coal mine which is producing no coal and the question is what best to do about this. Should i abandon the mine and then rebuild one with another more helpful miner when I get a new bod  - I've got plenty of stone blocks to do so if necc and have just tested this to see that the coal remains (though not that you can rebuild on it). . Or is it better to add an apprentice who will work and will he when his boss is on strike? 

Regarding unhelpful clans also what can you do if a leprous guy turns up who takes a while to train? Obviously if you have an instructor and parchment you can zap the leprosy immediately but otherwise there's no quick way that I can see to get him out of the settlement and the -2 mood of all other clans there may well totally freeze the economy until he's safely away.

Any ideas please?



Re: What shall we do witht the resentful miner?
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Re: What shall we do witht the resentful miner?
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Re: What shall we do witht the resentful miner?
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train him to be an explorer.  bring you explorer back and train them to be a miner or other useful trade.  explorers have no penalty for being resentful as long as they're not in camp.
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