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Author Topic: 1.0.0 - Turn update runs repeatedly when game loses focus  (Read 123 times)

1.0.0 - Turn update runs repeatedly when game loses focus
« on: February 03, 2019, 12:02:10 AM »
Steps to Reproduce:

* Start a new game
* Progress the game several turns until at least one forager is generating resources
* Finish all actions for a turn, then click Finish Turn
* Immediately move focus to another window (e.g. Alt-Tab) - must happen before turn update completes
* Wait at least a minute
* Return focus to the game window
* The game will not respond and max out one CPU for several minutes; wait until game responds
* The turn sequence will complete & all resources updates will have been applied many (100+) times
  - This includes score changes (e.g. for new clan joining), clans consuming supplies and losing health, or clans foraging food et cetera
  - Does not appear to exhaust the tiles being harvested