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Hard mode - suggestions welcome!

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Hello guys,

Let's play this game on hard mode!  ;)
These are my rules for the next game. Please feel free to suggest more in the comments! 

1. No caravan at all
         You want those tools/weapons? Then go and produce them! No food? Too bad, time to die, Timmy!
         Reasoning: The game is too easy when you have surplus of 2-3 resources and sell them for stuff you cannot afford otherwise.
edit: I would allow to buy 5 pieces of parchment from the first caravan. It's a way to use starting gold and you might not have animals to skin for it.
edit2: To have an reason to use traders etc. you might want to ban SELLING to caravan and using only gold you've earned from traders and gold mines.

2. No stone buildings
         Who wants to be a king, when you can invade enemy territory and take their resources!
         Reasoning: The unpacking mechanic is too much fun to declare kingdoms. It's more interesting, when you have finite amount of resources.

3. Limit number of clans to 24
         Do you really need that rancher, after he delivered his 800 horse? Time to learn how to use that cleaver buddy, you have been re-assigned.
         Reasoning: It's more immersive when you need to re-assign that one clan during their career. It does not feel right to assign that one clan to work on a farm till
         the end of time, never seeing them again. Also it adds difficulty to the game.

4. No beelining techs, no tier 2 techs until all tier 1 techs are finished
         No, you cant build stone farm, when you cannot even build wooden lumberjack house!
         Reasoning: Again, the game is too easy when you're able to focus on one part of tech tree and feed the whole planet using stone ranches, shepherds and
         butchers, while you're not able to build basic farm or orchard.

Dark Ages Warlord:
Interesting idea. I like it.

I would suggest more bandit activity, more aggressive tribes that actually invade.

I agree the game has to be harder but some of the game's charm is developing strategies on how to use the techs and the caravan. The problem right now is that this can be done too successfully.

I am going to play with no food trades (until this is fixed) and no herd purchases until a shepherd is in the camp. Sales of any surpluses in any item will be limited to 10 percent of available stocks. For now the money created by these sales can be spent to buy anything other than food sources.

I think I am going to limit the create wealth button usage to two turns after a caravan has passes. (A lot of cntr+enter)

I think the traders are nice to get you going but they provide too much gold. No stone trade outposts only wood. I am limiting myself to one wood trade post until I develop a kingdom when I can build one more. Maybe that can be a stone outpost.

I am going to limit myself to completing all the updates for a given bonus at one level before studying a tech with the same bonus at a higher level within the same discipline.

Of course all this may change if the AI becomes more aggressive.

I'm thinking about limiting the size of my standing army to one of each type of soldier. But allowing converting current workers to spearmen between June and August or when the enemy is ravaging your lands. My second option would be 3 archers, 3 spearmen and 1 of anything else.

I only pillage and do not capture assets of other nations. I think this gives them a chance to slowing come back. This does not include neutrals.

Warhorse production is a problem. No upgrades for trainers. No more than one trainer and possibly a restriction that only clans with a small number of families can do certain tasks. (I think growth in number of families should be slowed a bit but keep the difficulty of feeding the population. Maybe more events that cause plagues, famines etc that makes family growth even more luck dependent)

I really like the no stone buildings rule.  In my few starts without using the caravan, it's really about waiting around to collect whatever I need to get to stone buildings.  The biggest limiting factor has been oil/alcohol for me.  I've never had an issue finding animals to trap or a small iron deposit to get me started. 

I agree that it seems that like the way that the caravan and stone buildings were implemented seem to short-circuit the game.  Everything seems a bit more balanced without the caravan with interesting decisions throughout. 

I think the 24 clan rule is interesting, but not one I'm looking to try out right now.  I envision a lot more galley use to move around and totally strip mine the landscape.   40-50 clans hanging out in the settlement and then going to work.

Louis XXIV:
I'd love to get some advice from people who think this game is too easy because it hasn't been for me so far...


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