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Author Topic: Game won't start  (Read 246 times)

Game won't start
« on: January 30, 2019, 03:08:08 AM »
The game crashes instead of starting

I ran the xnafx40_redist file and it needed to be repaired. I reinstalled the game but that didn't help.  It AtG was working just fine and then suddenly stopped and now it just crashes.

Error ID : The type initializer for AtTheGatesCommon.ns_GlobalSystems.Log threw an exception

Common.Log WriteLine (log.text)
Game , ProgramCommon , RunGame ( )
Game . ProgramCommon . MainEx (args)

Edit:   Game won't start on PC

xnafx40 doesn't repair properly on my PC while it does on my laptop.   And by using the repair feature for the xnafx40 and replacing the corrupt AtTheGatesCommon.dll with the original, the game will start and run Ok on my laptop.  It crashes when I close the game however.   

It ran fine on my pc until I shutdown to desktop and now it won't start.   

xnafx40 does an extra step on the laptop where it does something to two DX 9.0c files. 
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