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Author Topic: 1.0.0 bundle of bugs/?intentional stuff? found in my first game  (Read 269 times)

1.0.0 bundle of bugs/?intentional stuff? found in my first game
« on: January 28, 2019, 08:10:05 AM »
I've searched through the forums and I bundled the bugs/?intentional stuff?/crashes in 2 categories, I found them or I think they have not been stated.

Not seen elsewhere:
- ?Intentional?: you van move a Galley into the settlement, pack up the settlement and then go to another shore to unload the galley (this doesn't seem to work with fishermen in the settlement)
- Bug: clans in your settlement can start feuds with clans who are off to Rome to train to become a Roman Legion.
- Bug: if you train someone as Galley, buy the movement upgrade, re-train them as a scout, then buy the movement upgrade, the scout has 2 more movement from the galley upgrade compared to other scouts, if you then re-train them to lancers (normal movement 5) they will have a movement of 8(!).
- Bug?: I got one of my clans stuck on a bandit camp when there were 2 bandit camps on top of eachother.
- Bug: there is no way to end a war with someone, once you are at war, there is war forever.
- ?Intentional?: You cannot up or down your reputation in general or with a certain leader unless they ask you something (so not the other way around)
- Bug: When training someone for for example meat smokers, then during the training make them nobility, changing their level from 5 to 10, the training time doesn't go down. If you cancel their training and train them again, their training time did go down and it might even be quicker than when you wouldn't have cancelled their training.
- Bug: if you have quarter master researched, but not trained anyone in this profession and one of your clans either reaches level 10 or becomes nobel (both of these ways they can get a promotion for free instead of paying for it), you can get the quartermaster promotion for free, even though there is no quartermaster in your civilisation.

Seen elsewhere:
- Bug: after winning the send roman legions to Rome victory you can return to the game but each turn it will give you the victory screen again
- Crash: I have a topic on this myself, if you try to increase your clan limit after 72, the game crashes (will re-check this, since it only happened once and I didn't try it again)
- Bug: if you pack up your settlement after sending clans off to Rome to train they will come back instead of keep training (need to check if this is also the case when sending them off for the victory)

Suggestions for a better game (I think):
- Set a max clan size for settlements which can pack up, there is no incentive now to become a kingdom since 15 fame is not all that much and watchmen can extend your borders as well.
- A cap on the percentage of nobility in your civilisation: there is no downside on being a nobility, but it feels weird if 100% of your clans are nobel.
- Also it feels weird that nobility is okay with digging up coal from the ground, maybe have nobility not wanting to do certain jobs.

result of the game: it wasn't that challenging, but fun nonetheless!