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Author Topic: Help please in first serious game.  (Read 777 times)

Help please in first serious game.
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:30:21 AM »

I was able to play with the alpha but never completed a game and am now trying my first one in 1.0.

I'm on turn 360ish - July 415 and my economy is absolutely fine with 49/42 units (presumably including captured farms etc which the Romans haven't yet retaken) and including crucially a coinmaker in the settlement who with a strong supply of coal is giving me a couple of hundred gold a turn so i can get anything I want from Caravans  - though I've messed it up re cloth and am waiting to increase the clan limit. I've also almost completed the tech tree with everything but shearers as far as I can see. What happens when there are no more techs to research btw?

I've invaded the Eastern Roman Empire with five knights and an explorer for vision and found lots of cities but not the capital.

My main question is how I can identify this? There's one with 3 legions inside a cataphract and an equite which I can't yet take anyway - so I guess I'll end up sending the lot home healing them retooling with a couple more companies of knights and returning the 100 and something hex march back. Incidentally is there a mode where you can see map references and so calculate approximate distances by subtraction?

Is there something special to indicate the capital or are the foolish Goths not able to recognise one when they see it?

Also was 5 knights a reasonable attacking force. Would a quartermaster have helped and if so how?

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Re: Help please in first serious game.
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Hi, I had this issue too as all the cities look the same & the tooltips don't identify the city.  However, if you actually click on the city tile (probably have to click twice: once will bring up the army, the second will cycle to the city on the tile) it will show you the name in the lower left info panel.  Do that on all the cities until you find Constantinople (or Rome for the West).  I then just made a note on the tile so it would stay labeled for me.

Re: Help please in first serious game.
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Many thanks nindustrial.