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Author Topic: Unit movement issues & bug?  (Read 235 times)

Unit movement issues & bug?
« on: January 25, 2019, 12:11:33 AM »
A number issues/bugs with movement:

During winter, my Explorer had 4 Move Points, but could only move to one Snow tile and it used all 4 Move Points (it was out of supply, but nothing in the tooltips explained supply decreasing ability to Move).  Unclear why this is the case (it may have had to do with moving near a bandit?  If so, there was no indication in the tooltips/help that there was any kind of "zone of control").

During winter, my Gatherer appears to be able to move onto Stream/Snow tiles for just the 2 Move points required by the Snow; it does not exhaust all 3 Move Points.  Furthermore, afterward, it can continue to move to another Snow tile despite the fact that it should cost 2 Move Points while it only has 1 point remaining.  This appears to be the case for other Units during Winter as well---able to move onto a Snow tile that costs 2 points despite only having 1 point remaining.

Also during winter, the pulsing range that shows how far a Unit can move is very hard to read on top of Snow tiles given they are both "white."  Further, during winter there is no orange pulse over forests despite the fact they will end movement like Streams (and as opposed to during other seasons when they do pulse orange).

Save is attached, and please let me know if I can clarify.