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« on: February 22, 2019, 11:05:10 AM »
v1.0.1 is now live on the main branch in Steam and on Humble. Here is the full changelist relative to v1.0:


- Fix for most out-of-memory crashes.

- Fix for game not launching in Turkish.

- Fix for main menu title theme music not playing.

- Purchasing Food from the Caravan now provides a turn quantity based on current food consumption. This will make Food a much better value early compared with later in the game.

- Fixed bug where capturing a Structure would result in it having no Borders afterwards.

- Fixed crash that could randomly occur when starting a new game roughly 1 in 26 times caused by null character in map seed.

- Fixed bug where the Huns and Avars were unable to train Horse Archers.

- Possible fix for end turn button getting stuck down after alt-tabbing (or possibly clicking) out of the game. This would often show up as a huge increase in the amount of treasure a player had (and a greatly advanced number of turns).

- Fix for infinite Treasure exploit when the Caravan would have a Resource on special but none for sale, resulting in the sell price being higher than the buy price.

- Fixed bug where using the Fortify command to expand Borders wouldn't actually work if you gave your Settlement another order later in the turn. The effects of Fortifying are now instant.


- Clans can no longer enter foreign Settlements or Cities.

- Possible and purchased upgrades now disappear after retraining a Clan.

- Can no longer train something and skip the Settlement's turn to generate free Treasure.

- Fixed bug where victory screen would appear every turn after winning the game.

- Added missing description text for Clan Moods.

- Must now be in debug mode for the delete key to work.

- Fixed minor text bugs.

- Fixed Instructor description (claimed it cost 20 Parchment to use, when it's actually 50).

- Fixed reference to 'EMPHASISed' in text string.


- Can now change display settings from the in-game options screen.

- Improved Logging Camp description.

- Tweaked link text colors to be more subtle.
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