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Author Topic: Major Issue with Food Production and Game Difficulty  (Read 2216 times)

Re: Major Issue with Food Production and Game Difficulty
« Reply #15 on: January 31, 2019, 04:57:02 PM »
I'm gonna post this in a couple of threads because it address several issues people are talking about.

I believe I am playing my first game after the new update. I played the Franks and had the Goths and Lombards next to me and the Romans to the South. I'm somewhere in the middle game about 14 years in.

For the first time my neighbors really tried to harass me! I was lucky to be near several mines including a stone quarry so I was able to go to permanent structures very early. I had a nice little kingdom going about two years or so in when all of a sudden the raiders showed up. I assumed it was because I had left myself with no army in my building frenzy. Regardless, they started pillaging their way toward my settlement. I was surprised to find that I could rebuild anything that was pillaged in just a couple of turns. The only reason this was easy for me was because I already had a lot of stone blocks. Still, it was a close run thing. The two countries hung around pillaging in the good months and trying to survive the winters for three or for years. I eventually had to be careful in choosing when to repair things. During this time I had and average of 4 turns of food with a depreciation ranging from .01 to .04 percent of a turn. Eventually I had to eat from my herds during lean months.

(Note: this was the first game I have played where I did not purchase any food. I have decided that until this aspect of trade is fixed that the only exciting way to play is with this house restriction)

At first I was attempting to turn new tribesmen into spearmen but I realized that would just take too long. So eventually I just switched to a war footing and drafted about 8 spearmen out of about 14 to 16 clans not working resources. This was necessary because the Goths had a force with a power well over 100. I had to keep my recruits inside the settlement to avoid combat. However when I eventually met that force it so depleted by the weather and its moral so low that I beat it easily.

By the time I met the Lombard skirmishers it appeared their army only consisted of 3 archers. I believe this force was as strong as the other at first. Either they died from exposure or were attacked by the Goths or ... and this is my hope; at a certain point the Lombards left off pillaging for about half a year and then returned. I believe they switched forces. This is interesting and important. I have found after numerous games that the other kingdoms tend to have two forces. A strong one and a weaker. In some cases like the Huns I have seen two strong forces. Nevertheless, once this strong force is destroyed only the week force remains to protect their settlement. This is in fact what happened with the Goths this game. I have yet to find what the Lombards have waiting for me when I go after them. In fact, prior to this, the only time I have found a strong force in an enemy settlement is when I have declared war on them and in most cases I have also bungled something so they have some time to bring their strong force back close to their capital.

At this point I believe that the AI strategies consist of the following:

One or two STRONG forces and one week force.
All strong forces eventually go out pillaging and are often far from home.

I have never seen the AI react to events and start building a new strong army after losing that army. I have seen middle sized armies hanging out on the periphery. This is interesting and makes me very hopeful for the following reasons.

There has been a lot of confusion about how warfare works. Often you find that you can't attack enemy armies even after you have declared war and ravaged their settlement. However, sometimes after declaring war and doing a little damage the enemy will send a message, "Lets settle this on the battlefield" It appears this is the only time you can attack an enemy force unless they are in your territory and pillaging you. 

I have to ask: "Isn't this exactly what I did as the Franks?"

So it seems the game has a buffer in it allowing a nation to choose when it will risk its precious fighting force. This is why those middling forces on the periphery make you nervous. There is no wiping out or ending a nation as a threat unless you keep units in the settlement hex ... I think. And it took me years to build up a force of sufficient strength to drive out the ravaging armies. So when we are trying to panzer push our way across the map we find this inability to immediately destroy our foes as incongruous. To me it seems like a much better way of handling the matter within the time scale of this game.

I am thoroughly enjoying this game. I have had the Huns attack me before but this is the first time I have been serious mauled by neighbors. I think it was because of changes in the first update. I too can't wait for more diplomacy options, more random events and such. Be patient!