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Author Topic: 0.9.3 Upgrades for previous profession still available  (Read 377 times)

0.9.3 Upgrades for previous profession still available
« on: January 12, 2019, 03:48:38 PM »
Clan Ewout was assigned Lorekeeper profession early in the game.  Switched to Bard profession several turns ago (didn't pay any attention to the upgrade button at that time, so I do not know if it was present then).  Noticed that (at least) the upgrade button and tooltip for the Lorekeeper profession are presented on the clan card.

Not sure if this is intended behavior (i.e. so long as a clan stays in the same discipline and has previously had a profession, then that profession's upgrades remain available to the clan, even if it is in another profession), or a bug.

For kicks, I clicked the upgrade button, then switched the clan back to Lorekeeper profession, but clan tooltip still reads 6 knowledge production, the same as the un-upgraded lorekeeper clan (I'll take a closer look, not sure if there are trait modifiers that could account for the sameness).