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Jon Shafer:
Thanks for your help in finding and fixing problems! Since I don't have a big team or a QA department in many ways you guys are the first and line of defense. I sincerely appreciate you spending your time and energy on this.

When posting a bug please skim the existing threads to make sure there's not already something that looks similar.

When reporting a bug PLEASE always create a screenshot of the error message, then try and reproduce the bug from your most recent save file. If you can provide me a save RIGHT before the bug happens and all I have to do is click one button then the odds of it getting fixed quickly are basically 100%, and that means more time spent on things like improving gameplay.

Thanks again, and if you have any questions or there's some way I can make things easier for you guys don't hesitate to let me know.

- Jon

Jon Shafer:
Thank you everyone for your help! We're catching and fixing tons of bugs, and the game is rapidly becoming more stable. Just FYI if I don't reply to a thread it means it's something I'm now aware of and intend to take a look at eventually after other high-priority stuff is taken care of first.

- Jon


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