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Jon Shafer:
Welcome to the new Conifer and At the Gates forums!

Along with the website and a lot of stuff related to the game we've decided to give the forums a facelift (there now even a mobile version!). Unfortunately I'm a game developer rather than a web developer and the database of old posts got corrupted in the process. I'll take a look at some point and see anything can be recovered, but no promises - my priority at this point is finishing up the game.

The forum is split up into two sections, one for game-specific talk, one for general (off topic) chat. There's also a forum for the private beta test, and when the game is released I'll add another section for reporting bugs and receiving help with technical issues.

Please take a minute to read the forum moderation policy. It's really short, I promise.

Thanks again for visiting, and feel free to start a new thread to discuss the game or ask questions!

- Jon


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