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AtG - General Discussion / Re: near end game
« Last post by clayffo on October 25, 2019, 02:58:24 PM »
hi Jon_speelman

sorry i haven't been on this forum in forever.   I also haven't played the game in a few months but i'll reply as best as i can.

I presume you must have had several patrons and maybe sculptors in the settlement at some stage and also captured quite a lot of units.
(I gather that once you reach 72 clans, trying to increase the limit crashes the game - is this still the case?)

Last time i played, which was when 1.2 came out, you could exceed the cap by capturing clans after you hit the natural recruitment cap.  what i would do is i would guard white settlements from barbarians, but not cap them.  I would only capture computer player clans.  once i hit 72 i would go in and cap from there.  Some times the game crashed when i did this, sometimes not.  i got one game up to 96 clans

Obviously once a couple of coinmakers are up then the economy is stable but it must still have been a real undertaking tuning it so well.

Money sucks for probably at least 150 turns, maybe more.  There's not a good way to make money until you either make a money crop (such as wine or war horses) or make a couple coinmakers.  The traders are shockingly terrible at making money, even when upgraded and boosted with the camp honor skill (don't remember the name).  Even early on you're better of making any kind of resell item.  The key with the caravan is to buy stuff u need, then sell stuff you don't to keep the cash on hand a the caravan adequate.

With so many bods in the settlement, I guess you'll always have a crime preventer and some mood enhancers (I don't know offhand which these are precisely but believe that intimidating are the former and eloquent the latter - are there other traits that have the same effect?

this is part of the trick with this game.  you need to establish good people in the camp.  always need someone who has the "cannot commit a crime" trait.  also need intimidation and moral booster traits.  sometimes i would keep someone in camp, even though i had no job for them, just for these purposes.  Eventually i would train them up when possible.

later in the game once you get regular parchment, just strip off all the bad traits on everyone.  This eliminates all but the most egregious RNG mishaps from happening.

 i do enobling for 3 primary reasons.  The first and most obvious is for job requirements.  the second is to improve moral and productivity (happier people have a better production multiplier).  The final reason is just to speed up the training process.  if you enoble while training a trade (such as honor) you  get +1 for the training and +3 for the enoble, which is +1 more than enobling without training; and higher skill ppl train jobs faster.

i also keep one person nearby of each trade type for the purposes of swapping out, if there are fights.  i try to make apprentices for wood, mine and farming.  I will keep either an explorer or surveyor within 20 squares if i don't have an apprentice trader.  have them scout or watch after the white camps.

finally, if you have someone that keeps committing crimes or has horrible traits, have them do something that is not production oriented and not in camp.  angry people can do some jobs despite their attitude for some reason.  these jobs include explorer, surveyor, boat driver, warrior (if not part of a group), trader, and watchman. 

The warrior won't engage in fighting while super pissed, but he will defend himself.  it's not hard to bait the computer into fights so you just sit him next to their camp and wait.

AtG - General Discussion / Re: Training time: Unsure if bug or unclear mechanics
« Last post by Fillersx on October 08, 2019, 06:39:43 AM »
Next time, I will help share the information of this story with you in another way.
AtG - General Discussion / Re: What shall we do witht the resentful miner?
« Last post by Fillersx on October 08, 2019, 06:39:04 AM »
Next time, I will help share the information of this story with you in another way.
AtG - Bug Reports / Minor Caravan display bug
« Last post by FlexyFlexors on September 27, 2019, 02:36:16 PM »
Hello everyone,

I encounter a small bug on the latest Mac version : the caravan page is getting larger than my actual window screen after the first upgrade. No big deal you might think, BUT the problem is that I can't uprade the caravan again to the next steps, so it's kind of a bumer.

Searching the forum I found no topic about this, but please tell me if there is. Since I'm pretty new to the game I don't know if this bug happens to other windows than caravan page. I don't know if this bug can be fixed by myself or if it's known and part of future update plans.

Thanks for letting me know ! I already love the game, keep up the great work !

My specs :
Non-retina MacbookPro (1440x900) mid-2012
Intel Core i7 2,6GHz 3rd Generation
Nvidia GeForce  GT650M
500GB ssd
AtG - Bug Reports / Re: How do I upgrade my caravan Jon? (Second attempt, clan now ANGRY)
« Last post by Raffiki on September 25, 2019, 11:55:48 AM »
I have the same problem. It seems that once I clicked MORE on the caravan, the window became too large for the screen, and the upgrade button became hidden. For some reason it remembers this even when creating a new game. Hotkey would be appreciated. Also the game crashes when I click OPTIONS so I can't switch the resolution around.
AtG - Bug Reports / Another dead game
« Last post by Teuton123 on September 13, 2019, 02:20:26 PM »
I tried to correct a small error on my turn, loaded "end of previous turn" save file and the game is dead.
I can't load that game any more. Not from any save file +-5 turns...
Time to start over again :(

AtG - Bug Reports / 500 turns and some bugs
« Last post by Teuton123 on September 13, 2019, 05:34:53 AM »

really like the game. Especially the art style which is appealing to all age groups and well executed in animations and fullcreen drawings. The varied starting conditions for the clans are very intersting so far as well. The extensive set of professions keeps me experimenting :).

In now 2.5 games I have played about 500 turns (which then the game told me to clean up my hard drive^^) and have encountered a ... number ... of smaller and bigger bugs. No gameplay critique, just bugs here:

- Tooltip of the roman roads has a zero devision error or text error.
- Quatermaster upgrading is available without a quatermaster trained. It is sufficient to finish the profession research for the upgrade to be available.
- A clan with profession A which is upgraded loses all bonuses when it is retrained to another profession and then trained back to profession A. The clan information screen lists all purchased upgrades, but they don't take any effect. Even worse, the upgrades can't be re-purchased. This bug is really frustrating, beacause it means you better not retrain your clans at all.
- In the research screen the tooltip of the stars on the Instructor state that you can remove traits for zero parchment, which is incorrect.
- The Collier has no description in the research screen.
- The calculation for "Starving" warning is wrong. I had the starving warning a lot of times (almost permanently) when my food stock was low, but my production high enough to not have my clans starve.
- Tooltip of the woodsman trait is wrong. Can't remember whats wrong though.
- "Wreckage" from abandoned buildings is displayed on top of the resource. Especially for livestock that looks weird.
- Upgrading a clan causes it to loose all it's remaining move points. Thats frustrating if you forget about it, since upgrading after moving has no negative consequence.
-  Ennobled level 10 clans get both upgrades for free, instead of one. I think this bug should be declared a feature :)
- The game crashes a lot when loading "end of previous turn" savegame.
- I encountered a crash which prevented me from completing my first game. I tried everything from changing reasearch to moving units someplace else doing everything differently but it still crahed on the same turn each time. Needless to say that was frustrating! Please see the attached files.
- A clan "afraid of water" will report "Desire granted" and be totally happy when trained as a fisherman, which is absolutely hilarious :D

I think At The Gates has a lot of potential still, it could be a lot more (long lasting) fun with what it has right now, but in a game which takes 200-300 turns to finish, those bugs must go away! Really quickly!

Title is self explanatory.

EDIT: the settlement can also unpack while on the galley, and thus moves around with the galley on the water.
This is truly a bizarre game.
The desire has not been granted and this dyer is now ANGRY.

I know how important upgrading the caravan can be, because I did it in the old version of the game.  But about June, one of the updates kicked the upgrade option off my screen. 

I expressed frustration and asked for a hotkey for the upgrade caravan button, Jon responded but simply asked what screen resolution I was using. 

I have tried every screen resolution.

Once again, please simply provide us with a hotkey for caravan upgrades until you have time to inspect and adjust the screen on whatever models you are working with.

I note again that this issue appeared after one of the updates - so the caravan was worked and then one of Jon's 'fixes' broke it. 
AtG - Bug Reports / [1.2.1] Out of Memory crash
« Last post by endymon on August 24, 2019, 07:45:52 PM »
This happened when I attempted to reload the game from a previous save file.

The game had been having brief studders for 1-2 hours before this reload.
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