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AFAIK (I was playing in beta) it never worked that way. So this is more of a feature request i quess (though it would be nice to have).

Huh... Hunter?

Hey Bossman, maybe you could post a ss of the issue?

As in subjcet, check ss

AtG - Bug Reports / Re: - Cannot right-click hex to move unit
« on: January 18, 2019, 04:05:52 PM »
Yup! Confirming as well :(

AtG - Bug Reports / Re: 0.9.1 Automatic Food Conversion (NEED MORE INFO)
« on: January 17, 2019, 08:10:40 AM »
Yup, can confirm that as of 0.9.9. The auto-conversion is weird.

I'd propose actually something a bit more complex (I'll refer to all food-related items as "food" here):\

- basic food still is included as food (generic things like meat and friuts etc)
- food that can be processed (but also could be eaten alone), such as grapes is counted as a resource, and gets autoeaten in case of starvation
- food that has to be processed to be edible (like wheat for instance) needs to be processed to be able to use it as food

That way we get something that is more intuitive and convenient for player, while also deepening the whole subject of food management (for instance there could be favourable balance of bread efficiency as food to justify setting the whole chain of Wheat farm -> Breadmaker).

It may be a bit more complex for new players, but then again, the game has excellent tooltip system, and the whole thing can be described in like 3 lines of text (as above).

What do you guys think?

When i click "finish turn" and then cmd+tab away, when i switch back to the game the game seems hanged on processing AI, i get native cursor showing its "loading" state, and the progress bar of processing turns stays still. Then after a while (of switching back and forth) the game would unhang (stealing focus btw).

This is rather minor, but it shouldn't be like that i guess.

AtG - Bug Reports / Re: 0.9.7 Late tutorial message?
« on: January 16, 2019, 09:10:20 AM »
And now i got a popup about game's win conditions on 4th turn :shrug:

Pretty much as in title.
After deleting saves the cursor gets stuck into "loading" (sundial) mode

AtG - Bug Reports / 0.9.7 Clipped tooltip for "Obsessed" keyword (TODO)
« on: January 16, 2019, 06:07:09 AM »
Dunno if that's one time thing, or some mispaste in data. See attachement

See attached ss

As of 0.9.7 The Woodsmen still has additional bulletpoint.

Also "Obstinate" has the same problem (see attached ss).

AtG - Bug Reports / 0.9.7 Late tutorial message?
« on: January 16, 2019, 05:51:39 AM »
See the screenshot - I am over a year in the playthrough and now i got the first teaching dialog (in this playthrough) trying to explain to me the basics of the game.

Not sure if Im past the 3 newb-friendly games or not (i restart a lot), but i feel that this is too late for that informations (either player already figured things out, or had terrible experience of the first year of the game not knowing what to do).

I think this should either be removed - and then the game may be called inaccessible, or moved to the first turn, or let's bring back the tutorial.

AtG - Bug Reports / 0.9.7 Caravan interface resizes and cropping (TODO)
« on: January 16, 2019, 05:40:30 AM »
So after i sold some iron, the interface for caravan grew suddenly, eventually covering the whole screen which was somehow upsetting UX-wise (that's my personal feeling).
This happened due to the fact that the "buy" buttons started to appear.

Also (and this is probably more important issue here), the caravan window gets cropped vertically (not too bad, only half the buttons, but i imagine it could get worse)

Recently i played on my laptop screen so it was fullscreen, and i didn't touch resolution settings since they dissapeared from options dialog.
Then i plugged the laptop into 4k monitor (with game being closed of course), and after running the game, without any changes to resolution settings, nothing changed for the new display.

Again I am not sure it should, i assume that there is statically set resolution and the game doesn't try to auto-scale to display.
Just thought i'd assert that fact, just in case.

Added screenshot (since the whole game is fullscreen on 4k the native resolution of the ss was 4k, i downsized it to 1080p so the forum would allow upload, but proportions of ui elements on screen remain constant).
Also please note that when i have clan selected (and i did here on purpose) the dialog hides underneath clan interface. In my opinion this should not be so, as the dialog option is something i want to have visible (by definition) and depends only on mouse placement. (alternatively crop things not to interfere, but i assume that might be unnecesarily complex).

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