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AtG - Bug Reports / Re: 0.9.9 Repeated crash upon game turn generation
« on: January 17, 2019, 09:49:48 PM »
Did not read the previous post on the same bug. Sorry, it has been about a decade since I last alpha/beta tested software.

Did as suggested and canceled path being produced and it did indeed get rid of the error.

Steps taken.
1. Canceled path. Fixed
2. Tried to do path again. Error, canceling fixed.
3. Moved to next tile created path. No problem.
3. Moved back to buggy tile and tried to create path again. Crash error, canceling cleared error.

As subject. Repeatable after loading last end of turn file. Screenshot, savefile and any logs generated attached.

Sorry for not uploading sooner, we took a power hit and the power supplies in my gaming rig and the server RAID tower both went tango uniform. that will teach me to cheap out on power conditioners, every thing on Cyberpower went tu and everything on the APCs survived.

I hope this is the correct file, I cannot know for sure since the new update will not allow me to open previous game version save files.

Installed 0.9.3 and still unable to continue after all research is complete.

1. Game will not start without sound installed. While trying to rum without sound card I get a crash window with sound errors. Installing sound into computer fixes this problem.

2. No way to continue once study of all professions are completed. The games requires an active study to continue.

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