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I'm certain there is some buggy behavior in here, but I'm not entirely certain of the intended behavior so I'll just list everything.

I have a clan of Tinkereres with 1 upgrade and cumulative 50% bonus to output. They should be giving me 45 knowledge (30*1.5) but instead they give me 49.5 knowledge, as if they had a base of 33 knowledge production, not 30. They used to be Lorekeepers with 1 upgrade which adds 3 base production, so I believe that this old upgrade is still attached to the clan and active.

I have a clan of Brickmakers, they used to be Potters with 1 upgrade. The effects of this upgrade were removed when they changed, my food income was correct for the upgrade being gone. But the tooltip on the harvest button for my reaper showed a number as if the upgrade (not the old profession, only the upgrade) was active, and once I cancelled harvesting and restarted harvesting I was now getting as much wheat as I would get with that additional 50% boost to reaper production (confirmed before and after in the food income tooltip and my food per turn jumped from 0 to 0.1)

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