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Title: Any love for macOS?
Post by: de1337ro on November 23, 2020, 03:42:36 PM
Is there any chance this game will ever get a version for macOS that is at least X86_64 (so it can run on new macOS versions and even on Apple silicon through Rosetta2) or preferably a "Universal Binary" So it could run on both Intel Mac's AND Apple silicon.

The current version is 32-bit and this is not supported by the latest 2 versions of macOS.

I don't know what environment and game engine is used to for this game but I would assume most modern development environments would have support for this (at least the X86_64, and probably ARM64 in the near future)
Title: Re: Any love for macOS?
Post by: de1337ro on March 06, 2021, 05:39:47 AM
Upon seeing this game in my library again I decided to give it one more shot to run it on an M1 Mac. After searching a specific error message from the crash log I found that the game Celeste used to have (or has) the same issue. And someone posted a workaround to make it run.

I am happy to announce that if you follow the steps as described here you can make it run on an M1 Mac!:

I thought I might help somebody that has also been running into this.

As for the future of this game. I hope it gets open sourced at some point so a community can start maintaining it.