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Hello, I'm a YouTuber who makes Let's Plays and I just managed to catch your Kickstarter within the last 3 days when I bought Civilization V: Gold Edition recently on sale and had a glimpse at the Steam News for it. I look forward to a game similar to Civilization but different from what it currently is; I held off on buying Civilization V specifically fora while because I felt I was getting too much of the same with it.

Possibly doing a Let's Play series of At The Gates later too when it is released, I look forward on any and all information that might be provided in regards to that.
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my name is Martin and I'm from Germany. I am a fan of the Civ games, you (Mr. Shafer) worked on it a lot, so I trust you with At The Gates. I'm sure you will create a very good strategy game.

Something about me? I study psychology and computer science, work on educational games with a small group of classmates and am a huge fan of simulation and strategy games, and also Tomb Raider ;-)

Why did I register now? Because you (Mr. Shafer) advised so in your latest Kickstarter update.

Looking forward testing the game.


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Hi, I am from Sweden and a long time gamer. I have been playing strategy games for more years than my wife cares to count. Really looking forward to this game.

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Long time fan of Late Roman history and strategy games, so really looking forward to this game and happy to be a backer.

Pity we didn't get the playable Romans, as that would have been a completely different aspect to the experience.
But very interested to see how this turns out.

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Hello everyone. I'm a veterinary doctor from Portugal that lost too many nights of sleep while in College playing Civilization II and Championship Manager. Never went back since then. I'm almost exclusively and stubbornly a single player gamer still, but I started recently following streams of people playing multiplayer games of Starcraft 2, Company of Heroes and DOTA 2 so that might change in the future. Jon ideas on game design of strategy games and 4X in particular have intrigued me since Civilization V and I hope that this game At the Gates it's just the stepping stone to something big in the future so I can say: "Hey! I was there at the beginning." hehe


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I'm Sébastien, computer science engineer working in the Travel industry, and newbie game designer in my past time :)
Like many here I have played my share of Civ games, but don't really have a particular genre preferences.

Cheers, and good luck with AtG!

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I have been a sim game fan since Empire Deluxe (1987).  I love turn based games.  I'm thrilled to see weather effects and spoilage/consumption having an impact.  Get some lines of communication impact and that will be great.  I currently play Civ 5 and Age of Empires 3.  I have had to tweak how I play to get the right balance, but I loved your blog comment regarding the status of many strategy games.
unlike many strategy titles which lose steam when victory becomes assured midway through

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I'm a former physicist who does analytics now (sadly web and not games).  I've been a big fan of the Civ series for a while and am still playing Civ V.  I think I found the site through the kickstarter that I learned about from 3MA maybe?

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My name is Rob, and I've been playing Civ games since Civ II. Was very excited to read about At the Gates, and so was keen to back to the Kickstarter - and was very pleased that it was so successful. I've been a fan of Roman history ever since seeing the BBC TV series "The Eagle of the Ninth" back in the early 80s, and so think this is a great subject for a game.

Look forward to hearing more about the game as development progresses.


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no time to participate in any beta testing or pre-release discussions [I'm storing up precious free time in advance to play At the Gates for countless hours after it comes out :-)],  but I enjoy Civ V enough that I'm completely confident AT the Gates will be a great game experience. Love the strategy guide/info book option you placed on the Kickstarter; I used to devour those old Civ books/guides from cover to cover.

Keep this game turn-based with the feel of a historical narrative, and I will be super happy (and committed to buy all future turn-based strategy games Conifer Games produces).

Thanks for the work you've already put in, and thanks in advance for all the work you will put in to make this an enjoyable game.

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Hi all,

I'm a software developer who also makes terrible games in his spare time (hopefully they are trending towards less terrible). Also music, and more music. And a number of other incredibly nerdy things.

I've never gotten around to playing Civ, couldn't quite figure it out and never felt like investing the time to learn. I am quite a seasoned Battle for Wesnoth player, however. I am hoping At the Gates will be more my style.
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Hi everyone,
I'm Eleima (or just "E" for short), came over here from the GWJ forums (heard about At the Gates on the podcast).  Been playing Civilization since I was a kid (Civ II, I even took the manual with me to school to read during recess).  I also enjoyed Caesar III, so when I heard about At the Gates, I was greatly intrigued!!  Should definitely be interesting to play from the "barbarian side", especially with all the intricate mechanisms that seem to be planned (seasons namely, that looks super interesting).
Really looking forward to it.  Sending lots of positive energy to the team, good luck guys! :)

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Hey Guys, name's leon...huge strategy addict and been a fan of Shafer's ever since I realized who he was.  Currently live in Shanghai working in finance and can't wait to get my hands on some alpha.
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As a long time player of the Civilization games, I'm very courious about the new kind of game we are all waiting for.
I'm from germany and i'm loving turn based strategy games. So please keep on working... :)

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Hi all.

I'm known around the traps, so won't go into details.  If you're curious, just ask me.  Ok?  :)
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