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Hey Kay -

I grew up in Farmington,  but live in Ferndale now. Glad to see some other locals here!

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My friends and I have been playing Civ games since Civ Net  - This game looks fun and I hope to try it out soon =oD Thanks for Civ 5 as it has been much fun for my group to play late at night when our kids our sleeping. Work calls now as the calling of    "just one more turn" =oD ;D

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Hello all.  :)

My name is Arthur. I love turn based strategy games and I've been playing the Civ series since its inception. I loved Civ I, II, III and especially IV. I'll be really up front in saying that I did not like Civilization 5 at all. Well, at least at first. I now think it's a half decent game. For what it's worth, I place a lion's share of the blame on the publisher 2K Games. Enough of that, though.  ;)

I studied Greek and Roman history in University. I have enjoyed playing games like Europa Universalis: Rome and Alea Jacta Est. However, there really hasn't been any games that focus on the decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire besides maybe Great Invasions. So, At the Gates immediately caught my eye. There really have been a dearth of strategy games made about this particular era.

Anyway, I think At the Gates has tremendous potential. I love the graphics and some of the game mechanics sound very interesting. I've contributed to Kickstarter and look forward to making suggestions, promoting the game and helping out with testing.
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I'm Brian. I'm excited to be an ATG backer and I hope the game succeeds! If anyone wants to play games together, this is me:
Brian Colella

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Hey guys, I'm Aldowyn! I'm a self-confessed twitter addict (trying to translate that into a blog and some more... useful content, I guess), and an aspiring game designer.

That said, I've got a few critical projects poking around as I have a very academic approach to game design, I won't be so crass as to link them here but you can find them if you poke around a little bit. I haven't started any game projects YET as programming isn't really where my interest lies (too many annoying fussy details :P), but I have a few big ideas up my sleeve for sure!

At the Gates caught my eye because I'd started following Jon on twitter a few weeks beforehand (really not very long), thought he was a cool dude, and then I saw him hinting about the feature with Russ Pitts on polygon the day before the campaign started. Then I looked at the game and thought "taking down the roman empire sounds cool"!

Then, of course, I immediately thought it would be cool if there was an alternate option, because that's my favorite part about Civilization - the alternate paths you can take through the game. That's why Civilization has such broad appeal and that's why it's so interesting to play with people that take different paths! And, of course, I like any other have my opinions on which Civ game is the best and why, but this is an introduction not a soapbox!
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Long time game development dreamer, with so many unfinished prototypes I knew that my lack of commitment for large projects was a handicap. So now I stick with playing and modding, that is enough to cover a bunch of lifes.

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Hey Conifer Games! Backed the Kickstarter and can't wait to see how things turn out. :D

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Hi there!

Looking forward to getting to test out the Alpha later this year.  I couldn't resist backing your project and getting a chance to try it out at an early stage and supporting a local developer.  While I am not quite as local now (Midland/Bay City area), I grew up in Clarkston right by Pine Knob, or whatever they call it now, so I know the area pretty well :).

Good luck on the rest of your Kickstarter campaign!

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Longtime strategy (orig Civ)  & RPG gamer.  Saw your info on Stardock forum.  Liked what I saw & jumped in on Alpha group.  Congradulations on getting your Kickstarter funding. 

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Well, hello.  My name is John and I spend my life bitching about video games on message boards.  I also work in a spooky 150 year old hospital for the mentally ill.  I've worked with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and/or mental illness for over 10 years.  I'm a pretty standard geek.

Pic of the old hospital, it's been torn down now.
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Hi! My name is Chris and I love strategy games, especially those with a historical theme so it is a real pleasure to back this game and see it evolve.


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Hey everyone! Graduating uni business student here. Been studying games & design independently for years now and just started following Sir Shafer's blog a few months ago. Really looking forward to seeing ATG come to fruition


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I'm a software programmer from Russia. Thats why my English is clumsy.
I'm developing a strategy game in my free time and dreaming of becoming a professional game designer.
I want to learn Jon's wizdom thats why i'm here.

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Hello All,

My name is Joseph Miller and I'm a Michigander, too (currently live in Livonia). I worked for the pen-and-paper game industry for a decade writing supplements for Dungeons and Dragons 3rd and 4th edition. Had a blast, but switched over to being a librarian. Still love playing games (both board and computer) and modding (created a Portugal mod for Civ 5 [base game] and the G&K expansion).

My steam ID is jaldaen.

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From Florida, a lot less snow than Michigan, but just as many pine trees.  Computer Science masters degree is in progress, and once that degree is obtained I will be pursuing game design and creation as a part-time adventure until the game-creation market in my area picks up a bit, or I am otherwise comfortable to embark upon it full time.  Definitely interested primarily game design and game AI.

Found At the Gates through Gamasutra blogs.  Really excited and eager to see how this turns out.