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« on: February 08, 2019, 05:50:03 PM »
EDIT: v. has been replaced with v1.0.0.3. The only difference between the two is another possible fix for game not launching on Turkish language OS.

v1.0.0.2 is now live in the 'unstable' branch. Most of what's planned for v1.0.1 is in this beta update, although not everything. Several of the bugs listed for v1.0.1 I haven't actually been able to reproduce, so either things are either actually working as designed or involve a rare edge case I need to investigate more. In any case I expect v1.0.1 to go up on February 22nd assuming no surprises pop up.

Here are the patch notes for v1.0.0.2:


- Purchasing Food from the Caravan now provides a turn quantity based on current food consumption. This will make Food a much better value early compared with later in the game.

- Fixed bug where capturing a Structure would result in it having no Borders afterwards.

- Fixed crash that could randomly occur when starting a new game roughly 1 in 26 times caused by null character in map seed.

- Fixed bug where the Huns and Avars were unable to train Horse Archers.

- Possible fix for end turn button getting stuck down after alt-tabbing (or possibly clicking) out of the game. This would often show up as a huge increase in the amount of treasure a player had (and a greatly advanced number of turns).


- Clans can no longer enter foreign Settlements or Cities.

- Possible and purchased upgrades now disappear after retraining a Clan.

- Can no longer train something and skip the Settlement's turn to generate free Treasure.

- Fixed bug where victory screen would appear every turn after winning the game.

- Added missing description text for Clan Moods.

- Fixed reference to 'EMPHASISed' in text string.

- Must now be in debug mode for the delete key to work.


- Can now change display settings from the in-game options screen. These may still have some issues, so please report them in this thread if you notice anything strange or not working.



v1.0.0.1 is now available in the new 'unstable' branch on Steam. This isn't the full v1.0.1 outlined in the update plan but it includes a few preliminary important fixes that will be rolled out to the main branch once it's been tested a bit. It took longer than expected to get this first patch out since the two big fixes (the out of memory crash and crashing on launch in Turkish) were both much tougher than expected, and on top of this I had to completely rewrite the game's build and publishing script post-launch (the Mono version of the game needed some critical surgery right before the release and the process for uploading builds had to be mostly redone from scratch as a result).

On the plus side we've made a ton of progress on the memory issues, so crashes related to this should be much less common now. The executable location might be off for the Linux version unstable branch - if it doesn't launch just go back to the default branch and I'll have this fixed early next week. Once we've verified v1.0.0.1 is working for folks it'll be pushed to the default branch.

With this annoying stuff out of the way now updates should roll out much more smoothly going forward. The new target date for v1.0.1 is February 15 on the unstable branch and February 22 for full release.

- Jon
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