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Question about food mechanics and missing barley-wheat in stockpile


Please could anyone explain me the food mechanics? I have done a bit of reading but the numbers just do not add up for me.

I have 11 clans (12th is just joining at the screenshot) with 50 families in total. According to a tooltip, 1 family consumes 0.2 food/turn, that means my total consumption would be 10 food/turn. The screenshot shows that I am producing 6.75 berries + 10.4 meat, ie 17.15 food/turn. Is that correct?

First thing I don't understand is the food storage. I have 58 food in storage and surplus 0.2 per turn. I guess this is not an actual number of food units but a number of turns I can do with food? And the +0.2/turn is that every 5 turns I get another extra turn with food? However, if I produce 17.15 food units and consume 10, the surplus is 7.15 food units which should be 7.15/10 = +0.75 over-aggregated-food/turn?

Even more important question is where does the barley and wheat go from my 2 farms (1 each)? According to tooltips: "Barley/Wheat is automatically converted to food when your tribe has nothing else to eat." My tribe has lots to eat. Every turn I see +6 barley and +6 wheat above the farms, yet the overall "stockpile" shows 0 barley and it does not even show wheat.

What am I missing?

Thank you very much for your help. Otherwise, I am really enjoying this. Great job!

The surplus 0.2 is the amount of food you produce more then you eat with a extra penalty of 75% because you are above 36 turns of food (you have 58).

Somewhat easier math example...

Produce 20 wheat. Eaten per turn 10. Food in storage 10 turns. 20wheat/10=2 turns of food produced this turn. 1 turns food is eaten this turn, so leaves 1 turn food for the stockpile. The indicator would be +1.
However if your food storage would be 24 turns. the 1 turn food leftover would have a 50% spoilage penalty giving +0.5 indicator.
At 36 turns of food storage the penalty is 75 and above 48 its 98.11%. Don't have the game open so I may have bogged some numbers but the gist is.. too much food in storage gives a spoilage penalty..

In your screenshot the Barley is consumed with the Wheat. If you don't need it, then hover over the Barley, wait for the pop out and click "disable conversion to food". The number will turn blue and it will begin to stockpile, so you can use it for alcohol for example..

Hope it helps.

@Culthrasa, Thank you very much for your help. It is crystal clear now. I have also found where to switch the barley conversion off.

Thanks again!

Thanks Cuthrasa I hadn't figured this out and its good to know.

Th actual penalty is 96.88% of food above 72 is lost to spoilage.

This may be a reasonable things to do if itís the Middle Ages and youíre cutting meat without salting or smoking it.  Also if youíre not canning fruit   However, the game allows techs for this 

The game doesnít change the penalty once you upgrade your clans.  This is incorrect.  The percentage of spoilage should go down once you are storing food more efficiently   

Also the game doesnít properly calculate food compared to useage.  If you buy 1 food at the caravan it calculates as 1 turn of food, not 1 food

Iíve spoken to Jon about it and itís a bug thatís difficult to fix.   He will eventually fix it most likely in the September update

attached is a  game file showing the food shortage issue.  mouse over the food to show the tool tips and summary of food


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