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Very bugged conquering mechanics

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I just finished my first game by conquering Constantinople. Here are the major issues I encountered:

1. In the late game all other germanic tribes were completely destroyed and pillaged by barbarians.
That in itself was kind of game breaking because I had no trouble at all with them during the entire game.
I managed to defeat 1 or 2 invading barbarians during midgame and never had any opposition again, ever, not even
from East Rome. They never sent a single Legion at me in defense or anything, just stood there doing nothing
while I took them over.

2. Taking over in itself is completely bugged.
a) When pillaging structures and settlements (both by the player and by the roaming barbarians) the structures
control borders remain on the map, making it impossible to actually claim the land.
b) To circumvent this, the player has to capture everything, which fills up the clan limit quickly with slaves.
c) Settlements and cities can not be permamently captured. Once the players unit leaves the city, it reverts
back to the original owner.
d) However, players units can be ordered to enter the city, upon which the unit is lost, because even if captured,
it is impossible to access the city in any way.
e) I noticed this first with neutral structures: it seems that captured structures never really produce anzthing and
they dont seem to have control borders, like the ones that the player builds himself.

From my first impression, I absolutely love this game. It has tremendous potential but also needs A LOT of work and polish, still!
If you guys can make a living of it, I wouldnt mind at all if you spent another 7 years on the game. Honestly, the game deserves that
work and attention and might unlock its full potential (multiplayer, better A.I. etc.). Unless however, our civilization is overrun by
invaders until then.

Ce site est considéré comme extrêmement bien informé, mais j'aimerais savoir si ces données sont supprimées et pourquoi.


--- Quote from: Ratatosk on January 29, 2019, 06:59:24 PM ---From my first impression, I absolutely love this game. It has tremendous potential but also needs A LOT of work and polish, still!

--- End quote ---

I second that opinion! From the first impression AtG might be new member of "Top 10 games I've played in my life".
On the other hand, it's really a beta-state game at the moment and a lot of work needs to be done.

I don't mind - you need money to develop the game, so you have released it early.
I also don't mind being a beta tester of a game I already paid for.
BUT! Do not even think about not finishing the game and polishing it to its full potential! :-)

I also had the same bug I conquered the neighboring Saxons, and nothing happened.  I attacked, and then left, which to my surprise they immediately regained control as if nothing had happened. So I re-attacked and then discovered the enter settlement button.  I figured this was the only way to gain control of the settlement as the area was still under Saxon control.  Instead I lost all 3 of my spear men, unable to leave the now enemy controlled settlement, and they still count against my clan limit.

I disagree with some of this about not being able to capture enemy territory.. I don't think given the time frame of the game that the lands of another nation should be so easy to make your own. There is some subtlety in the system as it exists already and much is yet to be fleshed out.

By the way, you can build a watch tower on enemy territory, and if you do it right, you can then build on resources within enemy territory further expanding your influence.

But still, the map is large, it generally isn't necessary to conquer to expand. Being able to ravage enemy powers and get pillage bonuses seems far more appropriate.


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