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Training time: Unsure if bug or unclear mechanics


Hi, not sure if this is a bug or a lack of clarity in the tips/help, but I'm wondering if this is working as intended:

At the beginning of my game, I have an unemployed clan with no discipline, and the Creative and Fastidious personality traits.  I would like to train that clan as an Explorer.

The Clan Management Screen states that training the clan as an Explorer should take 3 turns.  That number seems off; shouldn't it only be 2 turns?

As I understand it, for each level of the profession beyond the level of the clan in that discipline, it increases training time by 1 turn (minimum 1 turn).  Thus, a clan at Level 0 training to Explorer (Level 1) would need 2 turns (1 minimum + 1 level difference).  The Creative trait halves training in Discovery (which is where Explorer falls), and the Fastidious trait doubles all training times.  Thus, if you're halving a training time of 2 and then doubling it again (or vice versa, doubling to 4 & halving to 2), shouldn't it remain 2?  Why is the training time 3?

Thanks, hope that makes sense, as I'm unsure if this is a bug or just me not understanding the mechanic.

Thanks for the work on the game!

It takes one turn to learn (or switch to) a new discipline.

For a level-1 clan, it normally takes 2 turns to learn the lowest level profession.

That's three turns total.  Fastidious and Creative double and halve for Discovery, for no net change.


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