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'Out of Memory' Crash Info


Jon Shafer:
This is something we're working on and should be improved in v1.01 as well as in future updates. It mostly happens when loading several games in a row, or quitting back to the main menu and starting a new game. Please post in this thread if you ever see it without having reloaded the game.

- Jon

If by reloading the game, you mean loading a game saved game without having first fully exited the game, then it has happened to me a few times now.

I've attached the crash log, program log, screenshot of the crash pop up, and the most recent 3 save files.  I also threw a DxDiag.txt in there for fun, just in case it can also be helpful.  Though, with this being an out of memory error, who knows when it'll happen again?  The crash log does have all of the crashes i've seen since I started playing though, so hopefully at least that's helpful. 

"Sadly" though, restarting and reloading from "End of previous turn" save file, then ending turn did not crash again.

Each of the crashes i've seen have all come up after clicking End Turn.


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