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Will At the Gates have multiplayer?

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Hi, I am interested in "rule your own country" games. Since there are only few, and there is lack of info about this game, I have a few questions which I hope you will answer. According to the trailer, it looks like it will be mostly a singleplayer game with one predefined map. Will this game have multiplayer support? I've read that modding support is also planned, does it mean that there will be map editor too? Also, asking about the gameplay, if it's not strictly-set and sandbox-friendly can I play 'tall', meaning succeed by trading/economy instead of blind land conquest. Thanks!

P.S I've heard nothing about this game previously, just brought myself here through news

Jon Shafer:
Welcome to the forums yavl!

There won't be any multiplayer in AtG, but the maps are all procedurally-generated. The plan is to eventually release a map editor and a detailed map of Europe built into the game that you can play on, but that will be down the road.

It's very much possible to build tall rather than wide. In fact, you technically only ever own one "city" in AtG, which is where all of your originate from. You can train clans in different professions and have them claim things across the map, but focusing on your core area is definitely a viable strategy.

- Jon

Too bad on MP, however, this looks like an instant purchase from what I have seen.
Will Steam be the only sight to purchase? Hoping for Slitherene or GoG personally.

Jon Shafer:
You'll be able to purchase the game from our website and receive a Steam key and DRM-free download, on the Humble Store, or via Steam. I'm hoping for more eventually but that's where the game will be available on release day.

- Jon

Great news, looking forward.


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