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I'm really curious about this mechanic, as it seems to be your analogue to the 'tech tree' system of Civilization and is thus pretty central (The main OTHER things I want to know about are Factions, how they're different, and the AI in the game, which you've touched on but I'm sure will focus on later)

In any case, you said this in the initial kickstarter post:

'Fight or cooperate with the Romans - and become more like them. Barbarian kingdoms become more “Romanized” and gain access to powerful new technologies as they interact with the two halves of the Empire.'

And this in the second update:

 ‘Romanization’ provides an interesting opportunity to tie progress to how much like the enemy you become

Does this mean that progression HAS to be tied to become more like the Romans? Or is there some other method of progression? How will 'fighting' the Romans or 'cooperating' with them affect how you progress?

I have a few personal suggestions, all based on the idea of 'more variety of large-scale strategy is good'. I think Civ is really great because of how many different ways you can approach winning, but then again At The Gates is a different game and doesn't have to be great for the same reasons, far from it. So I dunno if more like Civ is a good thing, a bad thing, or an it depends thing, I guess. It's your guys' game after all!
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I've assumed it meant "the desire to stay put". Not many mod cons when you're constantly on the move.
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I'll have an article up on the next couple days that provides a much more in-depth look at Romanization, but in the meantime here's the short description I wrote up as part of another article:

In ATG we've basically rolled the tech tree and government systems into a single Romanization Perks system. A new Perk can be chosen for each Roman city you capture and Roman diplomatic request you complete. As with Civics, you can later re-allocate your choices, although doing so temporarily lowers the stability of your empire (which reduces taxation, troop morale, etc.).

Along with my belief that adaptation is good just on principle, there's another reason why I took more of a Civics-esque approach with ATG. The game is hard. The seasons are usually working against you. Resources are running out. Your neighbors are constantly eyeing up your improvements. The Romans are significantly stronger than you much of the time.

Players need tools to overcome these challenges, and one of those will be the ability to switch Romanization Perks at any time. This allows you slide into a completely different strategy to deal with whatever hostile and ever-changing circumstances you're currently facing.

Not only is there a good gameplay reason to make it possible to easily change Romanization perks, but there's also a historical one. During late antiquity the identity of the barbarian tribes evolved dramatically over short periods of time. After all, you don't see Goths walking around these days! ... Okay, come on guys, you know what I meant!
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