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I guess there's a good amount of people who've heard it since the second most popular beatmap for Osu is based on the track (it's how I know it and how your name rang a bell), but I didn't really except to run across names I've heard elsewhere in a community this small. Funny coincidence.
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I'm a journalist/writer/researcher/ & sometimes student from the woods of northern British Columbia. I'm just here to check out the game development and see what is going on. I'm liking what I've seen so far.

Strategy games are possibly my favourite type to play.


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Howdy howdy.

I'm a nerd who's been in Arkansaww most of my life (you can't hear my hillbilly accent can you?) and now I work for Walmart as a programmer.

Studied computer science and mathematics in college, I do a bit of everything really. Music composing and mixing, sound design, writing of every type (poetry, short stories, novels, journalism, blogging), game development, web development, digital art, linguistics (written script/symbol development).

I'm a huge fan of strategy games (no surprise there) and puzzles. Games I like: XCOM is pretty great (the new one, haven't yet tried the original/classic version). Cook Serve Delicious (most games by Vertigo Games in fact). Desktop Dungeons, EVE. Used to play a ton of RuneScape. Osu (*nods to other Osu players*), Battle for Wesnoth, Homeworld 2, FTL, Skyrim, all games by Cipher Prime, The Banner Saga, Portal, StarCraft, League of Legends, Age of Empires. Pretty much any RTS ever made (favorites include Sins of a Solar Empire, Supreme Commander, and StarCraft 2). Beaten many of the Guitar Hero games on expert (yep that's right, I'm great at plastic guitar, hehe, aren't I cool?).

Super excited about At the Gates and glad to be able to help with testing (is that what it's called? I call it fun)


P.S. Anyone not familiar with Battle for Wesnoth is missing out. It's basically the best free game there is (and it uses a hex tile system like ATG). They even have mobile editions these days.
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Hi! I'm Jakob, I'm from Austria and I'm a character animator and 3d artist. Just played my first session of AtG and I was surprised by how complex it is (in a positive way)! Looking forward to playing it again and again.
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Hi, I'm Patrick. My primary hobby is amateur game development, specifically a tactical RPG right now. My second favorite genre is definitely strategy, so I've known about ATG for a while. 4X is my favorite sub-genre within that, but I guess my dislike of Paradox games and the RTS being dead doesn't leave many other alternatives.

I'm also quite addicted to the cyberpunk living card game (as opposed to trading card game) Android: Netrunner. I play on OCTGN/ online normally, but I'm also quite capable at losing horribly at local tournaments in meatspace. If anyone wants to play Netrunner, let me know  :)
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Hello from Sweden! Working as a programmer when I do not play games. Have played turn-based strategy and wargames (including board wargames) for the last, uhm, 25 or so years. AtG looks like just the game for me.
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Happy New Year to all of you from Italy!
I just bought the alpha because I loved the project and the passion I read in the posts of Jon. I'll try to give my contribution providing feedback when needed.