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Hi again Clayffo,

I hadn't appreciated at all how important trading posts are though obviously it depends on the dice roll whether you have site(s) for one nearby.

What a difficult game and one that I think will be wonderful eventually but will certainly need adjusting for playability. Even without  the AI doing anything it's hard enough and will surely be more so when they are activated properly.

Many thanks,



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Hi again,

A simple question but I can't find the answer.

How do I stop a clan from being angry and refusing to work. I didn't notice the request at the time - obviously my fault - but even after acceding to it they remain grumpy and refuse to do anything.



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you have to look at their traits and preferences.  Some of them have specific requirements, like "prefers not to be a explorer, trader, or surveyor" or "prefers to be outside the camp" .  Additionally, if someone else on the same square has committed a crime and you have not punished them, the other party will get mad.

 there is a random chance that two clans will not get along for no good reason.  at that point, one of them has to be reassigned to another square.

A good strategy is to assign people with qualities like "no other clan can commit a crime on the same square" or "raises all clans on the same square up by 1/4 happiness" to your camp, even if that person would have bonuses to doing field trades. 

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Re: Issues and suggestions V23 alpha
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Hi again Clayffo.

Yes I understand perfectly well about the traits. This guy is a creative woodsman and got angry when he had a feud and i didn't immediately banish the other guy. I now have a notification saying "This request has been satisfied" but he remains angry with -2 from "request not being granted." I gues this may just be a bug.

I don't have any emollient bods so I can't stick one in my settlement. I wondered if you could use oil or something to reduce their stroppiness.



Re: Issues and suggestions V23 alpha - crash
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I'm still not on the alpha forum so can't post crashes there.

I've just had one which crashes to the desk top and is self explanatory - winer fruit farm - image not found



Re: Issues and suggestions V23 alpha - Dig in and die
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In the version I have which i think is the latest (23.4)? if you dig units in in the summer and leave them by mistake over the winter then they die. This seems suboptimal to me shouldn't they behave like resource collectors and encamp as necc. 

Random criminality also seems a problem since unless you have an intimidating settled individual this can wreck your fragile economy early on.

Any thoughts?



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hi Jon,

yes I mentioned earlier in this thread that the "dig in" problem going into winter and suggested changing the design so that once units hit low resources (yellow) they "wake up" and force you to take action with them.

regarding fighting and criminality - one of the core game mechanics is managing people and the associated risk.  the time period is during the fall of the Roman empire, my guess around 900-1000 AD.  3 major cultures are creating chaos in the region, that  being the Romans (civil war and war with Germanic Tribes), the Mongols (conquest from the East)  and the Germanic tribes (at war with Romans.)  you play as a one of hundreds of small tribes that are stuck in the middle region, north and east of Rome and west of the Mongols.  as you can imagine, there are a lot of issues in a war torn area and those issues manifest themselves in the types of tribes you are given.  The reason you can't just dismiss them and re-roll for more tribes is that the intent is for you to find a way to make it work.

you have to take some time to evaluate each tribe and attempt to place them where they will do the least harm.  it's not like civ 5 where a worker is a worker and they are all neutral.  here are some of my strategies

 -  criminality only appears to affect other tribes on the same tile.  these tribes should be placed in field jobs, preferably ones alone such as wood collector or farmer.
I had one guy that ended up committing 6 crimes, but because he was a hunter, no one cared.
-  if you have to place someone in the camp that has a high risk of fighting or has outright negative traits (like leper) then you have to have an exit plan for them.  at some point you will have to move them or the person affected by them to a job outside the camp. 
-  mid to late game, if you have the resources, you can punish the criminal and reset them into the camp.  if you have excess parchment, you can quickly retrain the person in a few turns and hope they do not continue committing crimes. 
-  a strategy I use is to keep someone with the "no other tribe may commit crimes on this tile" trait in camp.  this negates the problem of people with high risk of committing crimes.
-  another strategy is to keep people with trait to improve happiness .  this overall reduces the risk of crimes and fighting

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Hi again Clayffo,

Many thanks for the long response.

Yes of course I do try to send difficult bods out of the camp where they can commit crimes to their heart's content and if i get an intimidating clan then I put them in the camp. But if a low risk guy commits a crime while fulfilling a crucial job - a baker say before the food supply is stabilised- then the RNG has created quite a problem which it would be nice to  be able to handle at some cost but without disaster and a game mechanic to do so would be v helpful.

I guess though that I'm not using parchment properly to obviate the problem.



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ya, if you punish the baker and don't use parchment to retrain him, then it will take like 8 turns to get him re-trained. 

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Although I can only get through 11 turns before crashing v24.0 I have a few strong opinions

-  the starting mix is wrong.  The caravan doesnít sell wood and the logger only produces .7 wood per turn.  Requiring 20 wood to build anything puts you at a severe disadvantage from the start.  Caravans should start off selling the most fundamental items like wood , cloth and iron

.  A logger should produce at least as much as a wood collector if not more .  Otherwise 2 wood collectors will bleed your wood supply low very quickly

-  I think that 6 gold for a standard weapon is well overpriced .  Buy should be 3 and sell 2
-  bring back the disguises.  In the current version you canít activate conversation with other players.  This means you canít declare war and cap properties. 

-  lack of wood creates farm building issues.  You canít invest in food, iron production and wood at the same time.  You also canít get cloth by turn 12, so you stop recruiting.  Balance is all wrong now

-  the group game July 26 has you recruit a bunch of tribes that have excessive restrictions on them.  Half my characters had issues like get angry if taken out of x trade or gets angry if not at settlement or structure.  You cannot build a civilization with a bunch of prima donas.  Change this back ASAP

Re: Issues and suggestions V23 alpha
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I have to agree that it seems you are starting a game on 'Deity Level' straight away. Too hard to get wood, which you need to do nearly anything else. Still, balance issues are not the hardest things to fix
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