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-map editor finished
+End Game Victory Conditions (to quote verbatim):

Victory Conditions

The big gameplay advance since the last update is the solidification of the design for the victory conditions. I've decided to make them fairly straightforward, as I think that's better than a less intuitive approach that can be confusing in the early going.

-Roman Conquest: your goal is simply to capture Rome (or Constantinople). The Romans then give in and allow you to build a kingdom without their interference.
-Tribal Conquest: it's unlikely you'll be able to wipe everyone else out before completing some other condition along the way, but should you do so victory is yours!
-Tribal Council: after having met all of the major factions, a tribal meeting will take place a few years later, and you win if you have a certain amount of wealth with which to pay everyone else off. An alternate model would be for players to spend a certain amount of wealth in order to pay off each tribe individually, but the exact details will be worked out during playtesting.
-Roman Successor: you win upon completing 10 quests for one of the two Roman factions, the last of which is guaranteed to be quite tough. Each failed quest counts against you though, and you only have one shot at completing the final quest, so make sure you're prepared!

This should provide a good mix of conquest, economic, and diplomatic goals to pursue right from the start of each game. Things are obviously subject to change between now and release, but these are the four victory types I'm happy with.

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Thanks for posting the notification  here!

Like it. Easy and understandable.