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Giving away GOG account
« on: June 15, 2015, 08:26:21 PM »
I'm done with all the games on my GOG account, and find it a waste for them to sit there unplayed. Someone, please take my account and enjoy :) When you're done playing the games, please give it to someone else to enjoy :) Tell me if there are any problems. And post to let others know that you claimed it and changed the passwords so they don't think they miss-typed something...

email attached to it:
pw: starsandmoon

GOG account:
pw: starsandmoon
    Windows 8.1
    Intel i3 dual core, 2.50 gHz
    Intel HD 4000 graphics card
    1366 x 768
    4 GB RAM

Re: Giving away GOG account
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ok, I take

Re: Giving away GOG account
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I just knew it was this. If anyone has a question I can answer it. Maybe I will know some things.