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Favourite flats in Kakkanad
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Urban flats in Kakkanad are convincing the urban residents to be the perfect deluxe homes in the developed region. Both the comforts of the exquisite flats and its strategic location among urban developments are attracting urban residents to settle in the new flats. Many residents consider the flats in Kakkanad to be better among urban flats. Flats are becoming the favourite accommodations for many residents settling in Kakkanad. Many IT professionals are opting for the flats in kakkanad to pursue their career in the IT parks located in the region. Both Kochi Infopark and also the proposed Kochi Smartcity are located in Kakkanad. Professionals from different parts of Kochi are opting for the new flats in the region for seeking better career in the IT parks. Kakkanad is known as the IT hub owing to the location of these parks in the region. It is also known as the broadcasting hub as the broadcasting station of the national television Doordarshan and the marketing division of Prasar Bharathi are located in the region. Postal services, essential public utilities, hospitals, pharmacies and clinics are among the various facilities promoting urban living in Kakkanad. There is also distinctive culture in Kakkanad luring urban residents to settle in the flats located in the region. The various features of Kakkanad are promoting it as an ideal location for settling in new homes. New residents from different places in Kerala are pleased with the developments in Kakkanad and they own the deluxe flats located in the region.

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