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AtG - General Discussion / Re: Hindi sigurado kung paano tutulungan ako?
« Last post by vxizxc25621 on Yesterday at 04:16:32 AM »
tagalog na talog ah hahaha
Off-Topic / Gaano kalaki ang pinagmulan ng malaking data na ito?
« Last post by EarlForry on April 22, 2019, 04:51:36 AM »
Magkano ang data na maaari kong makuha, dahil pinaghihinalaan ko na ang malaking nilalaman na ito ay tinanggal sa database?
AtG - General Discussion / Hindi sigurado kung paano tutulungan ako?
« Last post by EarlForry on April 22, 2019, 04:51:20 AM »
Gusto ko talagang malaman kung paano i-scan ang site at karamihan sa mga impormasyon tungkol dito ay sapat na upang ipaliwanag?
AtG - Bug Reports / Re: v1.0.1.1 crash
« Last post by captain_duck on April 21, 2019, 10:45:39 PM »
Had another crash bug tonight, this during a full stream. When i load up the end of previous turn save, it instantly crashes again. When i load up the previous save manually, it does continue.




What i was doing, well you can see it on the VOD of my stream here, i stopped the stream after i got the CTDs. I noticed near the end that a lot of movement sounds were playing every turn, and later it crashed. Maybe it has something to do with that?


I hope this helps you find these annoying CTDs
AtG - Bug Reports / v1.0.1.1 crash
« Last post by captain_duck on April 20, 2019, 11:40:07 PM »
Here is a crash report, i hope it helps squashing these crash bugs

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/296530780501442562/569365507376021527/Crash.AtGLog - crash log

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/296530780501442562/569366066329944079/crash21-04-2019.AtGSave - save

When i loaded the previous autosave, it continued just fine, so this crash could be worse. Still damn annoying though so i thought id make a crash report to help you.

I wasn't doing anything special at the time of save. Just did a produce gold and fame for that turn.
AtG - General Discussion / Re: Rebalancing Food + New Unstable Version
« Last post by Moat_Man on April 19, 2019, 07:43:42 PM »
Thank you for your continued work on the game. I am looking forward to the release of v1.1.
AtG - General Discussion / Rebalancing Food + New Unstable Version
« Last post by Jon Shafer on April 19, 2019, 03:18:22 PM »
I had originally planned for v1.1 to be focused on quality of life improvements before I came back around to work on gameplay, but having thought about it some more getting the survival and economic aspects of the game in a solid place will affect the gameplay experience a lot more and for a larger number of players. Ultimately, my priority is making the game more fun to play before I make the game easier to play. I’ll be refreshing the update plan soon, but wanted to give everyone an idea of what I’m up to in the meantime.

I wanted food stored as turns in order to make it easy to keep track of how much you had left, but in the end the system has ended up being really hard to balance and I now believe it would be best to simply make food a resource like any other and adjust all the numbers accordingly. Because you could bank stored turns when your costs were cheap it was almost a “reverse inflation” where the more you invested earlier the easier the game would become. The goal is for there to be the constant threat of starvation, but unfortunately it actually turned out to be quite easy to avoid as long as you knew what you're doing. The ability to stack lots of multiplicative bonuses just makes it easier. So the plan for v1.1 is now to take another look at food, starvation, and resource production balance generally.

The target full release date for v1.1 is mid-May, but I'll soon start posting new builds to the unstable branch in Steam every Friday afternoon, with the first going up today. The balance is definitely off and things will continue to change, but if you want to follow along with how things are shaping up feel free to have a look.

If anyone has thoughts on this topic feel free to post them here. I'm also happy to answer any questions, and will post design and implementation updates in this thread as v1.1 progresses. The next patch after this update (v1.2) will be focused on quality of life improvements. No specific ETA on that yet, but it'll probably come in the month or two after v1.1.

In terms of specifics, foragers, timber structures, and stone structures will be separated into 3 distinct tiers. Previously they all kind of overlapped, but now they're a clear hierarchy in terms of both output and cost. You will use and need all 3 in each game now. Food is now much more important, so don't ignore it! You can stay ahead if you prioritize it, but it can also sneak up on you pretty quickly. If you run out of food the mood of your clans will start to drop, and if at least half of your clans become resentful they’ll actually overthrow you and the game will end.

Here’s a changelist for all the stuff that’s in the new unstable v1.0.1.1:



2019 April 19



- Food is no longer stored as turns, but is a normal stockpiled resource like all others. Surplus food production no longer spoils. Players now start the game with only 5 turns of food, which will disappear quickly!

- Starvation now results in the Mood of all Clans dropping by 1 per turn. All other penalties associated with starvation have been removed. If more than half of a player's Clans are Resentful when the turn ends the player will lose the game.

- Each subsequent Family now joins a Clan in 10% less time than the previous one. Families now provide a Clan with a Combat Power bonus, but no Resource Production bonus, as this ended up breaking the game's economy and food balance.

- Significantly rebalanced the cost and output of most Structures and several resource refinement Professions.


- Fixed rare crash in Goal AI.


- Increased XP required to gain a Level in a Discipline. This means it will generally take longer to train Clans in the midgame.

- Increased rate at which new Clans arrive.

- Increased Cloth cost of increasing the Popcap.

- Skipping the Settlement's turn now produces 1 Treasure and 1 Fame per resident Clan (previously always 5 Treasure).

- Stone Structure Apprentices now produce as much as the base version of the Structure. Adding an Apprentice slot now costs 20 Boards and 10 Parchment.

- Paths now increase movement speed by 3x.

- Caravan price balancing. More to come.

- All Plant and Mineral Resource Deposits now last for 24 turns (previously it was a mix between 24 and 18).

- 'Resentful' Clan Mood is no longer permanent.

- Free food goody hut result now provides 10 Food (previously 5).

- Increased cost of Tinkerer to 30 Tools (previously 20).

- Watchtower Apprentices now cost 20 Weapons (previously 5) and produce 20 Fame per turn (previously 5).

- Cooper now provides 4x food (previously 2.5x) and costs 3 Boards per turn (previously 2).

- Armor upgrades for Warrior Professions now provide a larger bonus.


- Fix for borders not visually updating after capturing structures.

- Fix for crash when loading a save file when a 'new faction unlocked' notification was up.

- Minor text fixes.


- Resource stockpile now shows the current number of turns of food left, now that it's no longer automatically stored AS turns.

- Brought back 'STARVATION' label in the resource stockpile panel.

- Caravan Screen: re-ordered price and quantity labels, and softened gold-colored buttons for specials.
AtG - General Discussion / Re: How about a competition!?!
« Last post by Rocksmix on April 18, 2019, 04:51:25 AM »
It is probably one of the good feelings in reading this post.
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