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Implement an all-encompassing Generalized-to-Specialized system.

You shouldn't start out with different professions hidden behind tech walls and resources that have no use. Instead, clans should start with the basic ability to harvest any resource, and doing so would provide them experience in those disciplines, allowing them to further specialize. For instance, any clan could just leave the settlement and start as a Digger without any training. Working as a Digger would gain them experience in metalworking, which would allow them to specialize as Miners, Smiths, etc. If you wanted to switch the clan's discipline to Crafting, for instance, simply start Wood Collecting or apprentice under an active Crafting clan.

This would work to remove a lot of the opening drudgery of researching the same old techs to train the same old professions to start off the game.

Instead of the tired old Tech Tree Research system, an Experience-based Research system should instead be implemented. Instead of just clicking a tech and completing it based on your knowledge income, amount of clans involved in different branches and their experience levels should decide what techs get researched and how quickly. As an example, you send out a clan to work some iron ore. Consequently, they gain some experience in metalworking. One experience level provides one research point to the metalworking discipline, allowing more specialized professions to be unlocked for clans with experience in that discipline.

All resources should have a base use from the start. Flax should be usable as cloth, stone should be usable as building material, salt and coal should be usable for curing immediately, etc. What technology and specializations such as weavers and stone cutters should do is increase the efficiency and utility of a resource. This is already the case for foodstuffs, and should be applied to everything.

This allows more starting positions to become viable as you're not as dependent on specific resources being nearby to make for a good start.

Remove the current settlement-adjacency requirement for construction in favor of a proximity-based construction penalty using pathfinding. Basically, X amount of turns would be added to the construction time based on the turns it takes for a standard unit to move from the settlement to the construction site. This means that it would take longer to construct a building three tiles away behind hills and forests than it would to construct a building eight tiles away with only flat plains between them. Of course, if you built a road through the hill and forest tiles, this would change. Furthermore, you could have supply depot-proximity further reduce the penalty, as well.

This would again remove a lot of the drudgery currently in the game where you have to move your settlement around just to construct a building just a few tiles away. It would also make logistical infrastructure more valuable.


All of this combined would allow for a more emergent system that lets factions evolve and specialize based on their surroundings, removes much of the repetitive stuff from the opening game especially, but also overall, and adds a lot of weight to the logistical aspect of the game.
AtG - General Discussion / Re: Projected Finish Date Please
« Last post by clayffo on May 17, 2017, 12:08:29 PM »
Athelas so Jon takes 100k and makes a partially complete alpha 2 years ago.  He sits and does really nothing noteworthy for 2 years, then claims poverty to take a full time job.  By the way, at a company that his project will compete against.  You think paradox didn't have him sign a non compete clause while they employ him?

He got 4 years of spending our money and did not produce any kind of retail product.  If you don't want to use charlatan, then pick another word

The game won't come out unless paradox publishes it
AtG - General Discussion / Do resources respawn?
« Last post by Athelas on May 15, 2017, 04:12:00 AM »
Like forests, animals some plants bees... but most of all forests. And how often?
AtG - General Discussion / Re: Projected Finish Date Please
« Last post by Athelas on May 15, 2017, 04:10:17 AM »
Charlatan couldnt make alpha as playable as it is.
I can and will wait. Game is still great and hopefully soon will be greater.

Like it. Easy and understandable.
AtG - Developer Updates / Re: Revisiting the Design of 'Civ 5'
« Last post by Athelas on May 15, 2017, 04:06:07 AM »
Really nice read. Can u post ai plans thoughts and developments? Really interested in it
AtG - General Discussion / Re: Jon Shafer joins Paradox!!!
« Last post by Haako87 on May 13, 2017, 12:50:12 PM »
Also, check out how much he changed on the photo...
AtG - General Discussion / Jon Shafer joins Paradox!!!
« Last post by Haako87 on May 13, 2017, 12:39:02 PM »

I stumble upon ATG sometime ago and very want to play it, but it is hard to believe for me, that game will be accomplished soon...
On the other hand, I like Paradox games and I'm very interested in what is his project there... If he will also complete ATG I'm in heaven ;)
lol good luck on a refund.  Jon was lying about that like everything else.   Why a reputable company like paradox would hire this loser is beyond me.  I give it 1 year before they throw him out
If you believe that, I have real estate in HELL I'd like to sell you.

If I believe what?
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