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AtG - Developer Updates / Re: Mid-April 2018 Update - Playtest Thoughts
« Last post by fungalreason on April 20, 2018, 09:14:50 AM »
I really like the change to shift to starting with only gold.  Before it felt like the clear option was to wait and buy 10 lumber from the first caravan and build a tier one building.  Now the options seems more open.

One thought for the foragers issue:  perhaps they could identify deposits faster and/or receive bonus resources upon identification?  This would give a short term boost and create a trade-off
AtG - General Discussion / Re: Status report, please?
« Last post by Ximenaz on April 20, 2018, 02:51:57 AM »
What I want is a guide from a knowledgeable person to be useful in the future.
Demand Most people will always want the knowledge that the website offers.
AtG - Developer Updates / Mid-April 2018 Update - Playtest Thoughts
« Last post by Jon Shafer on April 18, 2018, 09:20:27 AM »
Hey all,

This mid-month update will be dedicated to some of the general thoughts I've had while playtesting. It's more or less a copy of my own notes, and should give you an idea of what sorts of things I'm thinking about as both a player and a designer.

I've actually decided to just provide a link to a Google Doc this time around, as the text formatting options here are pretty lame and rather than spend an hour copying everything over and making it look nice it's a whole lot easier to just point you all at something that already works (something I may do again in the future for similar posts!).

Here is the link to the playtest thoughts doc.

We'll be back in a couple weeks with a continuation of my playtest log from last update.

'Til then!

- Jon
AtG - Developer Updates / Re: April 2018 Update - Playtest Report
« Last post by Jon Shafer on April 18, 2018, 09:19:33 AM »
Coming up very soon. Will be doing a big pass through the forums getting everything back in order. Thanks for sticking around!

- Jon
AtG - General Discussion / Re: Pre-Alpha Supposedly Finished Today (7/31)
« Last post by Rockisx on April 17, 2018, 03:26:31 AM »
I like the story that you bring to talk very much. Because it made me find more information to talk to you.
Forum Announcements & Questions / Re: Beta Testing Group
« Last post by Rockisx on April 17, 2018, 03:25:48 AM »
Like, I've seen something similar to what you said is a significant issue.
Forum Announcements & Questions / Re: Beta Testing Group
« Last post by Delgadonut on April 17, 2018, 12:53:10 AM »
I would like to join the test group too. How do I do it?
Conifer and the Games Industry / Re: How Do You Become a Game Designer?
« Last post by Delgadonut on April 17, 2018, 12:51:05 AM »
I want to know too I want to be a designer too.
AtG - General Discussion / Re: Issues and suggestions V23 alpha
« Last post by clayffo on April 16, 2018, 06:47:32 PM »
I played through 371 turns on the group map over the last week and here are some comments:

1.  certain resources can be scaled up very quickly such as gold, grapes, barley, food, iron, and preserves.  However, some items don't allow for upgrades to accelerate production, which hampers growth.  These are items such as stone, stone blocks, alcohol, oil, all animals, and anything steel related.  I have found it very challenging to move from the 2nd tier to the top tier of upgrades due to requirements for steel, steel tools, weapons, and armor. 
     -  there are curious inconsistencies in the professions chart that affect upgrades.  For example, there is a smelter to improve performance of iron mines, but the same upgrade does not apply to other mines like stone, peat, salt, and coal.  Additionally, there should be sledge driver upgrades for mines, not just loggers.  When you get to the 2nd tier of stonemasons, it becomes very challenging to meet the requirements when I am currently producing 8 stone per turn, but stonemason requires 30 stone per  turn.
     -  Stone blocks.  the base stone block profession of stone cutters is 1 stone for 1 stone block.  However, the 2nd tier upgrade of stone mason requires 30 stone for 10 blocks per turn.  This is no good as it serves as a penalty for upgrading, as well as slowing down growth
     -  Steelsmith is a similar inconsistency that penalizes the player.  Not only is the cost ridiculous (10 iron/10 coal for 1 steel block), but the tier 2 seems unattainable at 40 iron/coal per 4 steel.  Currently I am producing 19 iron and 10 coal / turn.
     -  I have mentioned this prior in this thread, but I do not know how to use "overseer of the range."  the option to train someone in it does not exist.  All I can think of is that learning it allows for V2 ranches to be built.  Additionally, there is no way to upgrade the ranch so it can produce additional animals on a turn by turn basis.  This is very unfortunate and does not make any kind of sense.  Animal husbandry would normally occur on a ranch
    -   There should be an upgrade from spearmen to heavy spearmen.  The jump from spearmen to men at arms is excessive and quite unattainable until very late game.

2.  Clans and families.  I don't really see the trade off between family size increases and any tangible benefit.  Families cost more food as they grow, but the subsequent  Clan does not appear to improve it's productivity.  If it does, there are no notes about it.  The wiki mentions that you have to keep up with family growth (more hungry mouths to feed) but does not offer a way to counter this affect.  Additionally, the game does not allow you to fire / kill a clan, so if you recruit an unproductive/unhelpful clan, you are stuck with the food bill

3.  Supply depots  - I found this unit to be odd (not talking about the lack of graphics).  So you have to settle this unit in your territory, which subsequently gives you more territory, but does not maximize the affect like a watchtower does.  then you bring you units onto the square and "merge armies" which creates a little set of tents on your unit.  Seems good as now your troops should be able to move without critical supply issues.  HOWEVER, this is not a true statement.  I moved an army of 6 units with a supply depot about 20 squares off my farthest watchtower.  They are current showing a status of supply critical, and have dropped in health from 100% to 76%

4.  level cap - I find it frustrating and very limiting to set the level cap at 10.  I had capped out many of my units prior to turn 200, which ended any real incentive to further improve them.

5.  skills cap -  There is clearly a hole here in the design of professions.  it is quite easy, by turn 200, to get all of the 2nd tier skills.  However, the tier 3 skills are a real bitch to train.  They all require steel tools/weapons which are very hard and very expensive to get.  again, there is a gap between tier 2 and tier 3

6.   The trading system is just broken.  The quantities and variety of goods only change I would say every 100 turns.  THis is no good as you can't get things you need, like animals (not counting horses), salt, and preserves, but you can get stuff you don't need every 5 turns, like iron and wood. 

7.  progression and rewards  -  I see now the core problem with this game.  a game like this, like Civ 5, has to have progressions that create a sense of progress and accomplishment.  Once you get to turn 200, you have permanent facilities, kingdom, and have dominated your neighbors, well, the game falls flat.  It becomes a somewhat boring exercise in materials management, including a complex matrix of upgrades that required me to write down notes.  I had to continuous modify clans to ensure I upgraded various new facilities.  For example, I build a new mine, lets say something exotic like salt at turn 200.  I now must go back and train a Nailsmith in order to upgrade the mine; then retrain my guy again back to whatever he was doing prior.  Then I have to train a guildmaster, add apprenticeship slots, and then retrain that guy back to whatever honor profession he was doing.  THEN I have to remember to train the next clan as a miner and send them to the mine as an apprentice.  ugh, and then when you get multiple apprentices, guess what?  you have to upgrade each apprentice as well
   -   The point I'm trying to make is the game is boring after turn 200.  You cannot use the civ 5 formula of technology because the game is specifically local to the region and general time frame (900-1200 A.D.) 
    -  The way this game played out,  I cannot see how a diplomacy system is going to fix this issue.  Quite honestly, I wrecked the avars and Attila in a big hurry and have developments all around them.  I cannot see giving up some of the choice resources such as the olives and grapes near Attila for friendship's sake. 
    -  The second phase of this game (declare a kingdom), in my opinion, should focus on development of a kingdom.  This should include a new set of buildings / upgrades , a skill tree system for clans, apprenticeship upgrades for "families" and access to a more extensive and diverse set of items to trade.  It should also include a great deal more direct contact, conversation, and attacks from the Romans.
     - perhaps an idea would be to amend the professions tree with additional specializations as a bonus for upgrading to kingdom.
    -  additionally, there should be the influences of culture, military and economic dominance.  borders should be able to grow automatically and there should be abilities to recruit bandits and other tribes to yours, including the capture and integration of opposing clans.

I have attached a few pictures of my progress.  I have also attached my game file should anyone want to take a closer look
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