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With the steady progress on the incremental updates and version 1.1 imminent, does anyone have more thoughts on this? Especially since working on Romans is planned next, from what I see, I would be curious to hear Jon's thought on what I wrote in the OP :)
AtG - General Discussion / v1.0.1.5
« Last post by Jon Shafer on May 17, 2019, 11:31:39 AM »
v1.0.1.5 is now up in the unstable branch. It wraps up a major batch of changes to the caravan to help make it easier to use, more strategically relevant, and better-balanced.

Additionally, the unstable build should now work for Mac and Linux. I'm seeing an issue on my Mac where the first time I try to launch the game after updating to v1.0.1.5 or after switching from the default branch to unstable it locks up my whole system and I have to do a hard reset. This doesn't happen for me on Windows, and Iíve heard from someone that things were okay for them on Linux. Is anyone else on Mac (or Linux) seeing this on their end?

Save compatibility has been broken by todayís new unstable build (v1.0.1.5). This will happen rarely, probably with each major update (v1.1, v1.2, v1.3) but Iíll try to keep this to an absolute minimum. Sometimes itís necessary in order to replace existing systems and in this case the way the caravan works is so fundamentally different it would have taken several additional days of work to both make the new changes and allow old games to be continued. From now on you can use the Ďunstable_oldí beta branch to continue playing with the last version uploaded before save compatibility has been broken, just in case you want to finish up an ongoing game before upgrading.

The plan is for v1.1 to be posted next Friday (assuming no major bugs pop up and I can figure out why the game is locking up my Mac after updating). The big changes in v1.1 compared with the last main branch update (v1.0.1) are related to food consumption, economic balance, and the caravan and on the whole the early game is now much tougher. v1.2 is planned for late June and will focus on making the Romans a bit more interesting and tackling a few quality of life issues (specifically, improving a few of the screens). v1.3 is planned for later this year and will tackle the AI and diplomacy. In the meantime weekly builds will continue to be uploaded to the unstable branch every Friday.

- Jon
AtG - Bug Reports / Starving
« Last post by Dark Ages Warlord on May 03, 2019, 07:09:07 PM »
Once you go into starving, you never leave starving.
AtG - General Discussion / Re: Rebalancing Food + New Unstable Version
« Last post by Jon Shafer on May 03, 2019, 01:12:13 PM »
v1.0.1.3 is now live in the unstable branch, and has a LOT more changes compared with last week. The game is much tougher now, maybe too much so, but that's what I'm testing right now. Next week will be focused on that and improving the gameplay balance and UI for the caravan system.

I'm looking into why the new unstable branch builds might not be working on Linux and Mac and hope to have that fixed for next week's build.



2019 May 3



- Brought back 'Group Games' for testing purposes. This will only be enabled for the 'unstable' and 'developer' branches in Steam.

- Rewrote logic for clan desires, which makes their start softer, makes 'milder' desires more likely, and adds a chance of desires fading away.

- It's no longer possible to level up clans by spending Parchment, as this being possible skewed the economic pacing of the game too much. It is still possible to switch a clan to a different discipline. 

- Increased clan family food cost from 0.2 to 0.3. This makes keeping everyone fed a fair bit tougher. You also now start with 10 food instead of 5.


- Rebalanced several economic Professions and their upgrades. Added a few new 'synergy' professions, which are all generally less powerful now.

- Reduced Morale recovery to 10 per turn (previously 20).

- Increased vision range of all units.

- Increased Cloth cost of raising the popcap.

- Increased Structure cost to 50 Timber or Stone Blocks.

- Greatly increased the benefit provided by Warrior Profession Armor upgrades.

- Clans no longer automatically level up to their Profession's level.

- Clans now show up a bit more often.

- Reduced chance of the 'Find a Warm Place' clan desire.

- Noble clans no longer produce Fame.


- Fixed crash where AI kill bandit camp operation would have a 'null' camp.
AtG - General Discussion / Re: Rebalancing Food + New Unstable Version
« Last post by Jon Shafer on April 26, 2019, 12:42:13 PM »
v1.0.1.2 is now up. It's a fairly small update since I've been spending most of the week playtesting. Should be more changes in next week's build.

- Jon
AtG - Bug Reports / Crash after clicking honor upgrade after discovering it
« Last post by Soribus on April 25, 2019, 06:19:08 AM »
I cliked the "!" for getting the free 2 levels of honor after discovering it, then it crashed to desktop.

( x _ x )    HE'S  DEAD,  JIM
                    AT  THE  GATES  HAS  CRASHED !

Please help us fix this by providing all of the following :

   ( 1 )   A text copy or screenshot of this message.
   ( 2 )   The  [ Crash.AtGLog ]  file in your install folder.
   ( 3 )   A description of the last thing you did.

ERROR ID :     [ Index was out of range .  Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection .

Parameter name: index ]

System  .  ThrowHelper  .  ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException   ( argument, resource )
System  .  Collections  .  Generic  .  List`1  .  get_Item   ( index )
Common  .  ClanComment  .  GetText   ( unit )
UI  .  Screen_Clans  .  CreateAndPositionSpeechBubble   (  )
UI  .  Screen_Clans  .  PositionControls   (  )
Common  .  ATGCloseableScreen  .  Rebuild   (  )
Common  .  ATGScreen  .  OnShow   (  )
Common  .  PopupScreen  .  Init   ( game )
ElfTools  .  ScreenManager  .  AddAdditionalActiveScreen   ( screen )
Game  .  ATGApplication  .  ShowScreen   ( popup, disableBackScreens, drawDisabledScreens )
UI  .  WorldScreen  .  ShowClansScreen   ( blueprint )
UI  .  Notification  .  ApplySpecialActivateAction   (  )
UI  .  Notification  .  Activate   (  )
UI  .  Notification  .  Update_Input   (  )
UI  .  Notification  .  Update   ( gameTime )
UI  .  NotificationtMgr  .  Update   ( gameTime )
UI  .  WorldScreen  .  Update_ChildMgrs   (  )
UI  .  WorldScreen  .  Update   ( gameTime, input )
Game  .  ATGWorldScreen  .  Update   ( gameTime )
ElfTools  .  ScreenManager  .  Update   ( gameTime )
Game  .  GameCore  .  UpdateEx   ( gameTime )
Game  .  GameCore  .  Update   ( gameTime )
Microsoft  .  Xna  .  Framework  .  Game  .  Tick   (  )
Microsoft  .  Xna  .  Framework  .  Game  .  HostIdle   ( sender, e )
Microsoft  .  Xna  .  Framework  .  GameHost  .  OnIdle   (  )
Microsoft  .  Xna  .  Framework  .  WindowsGameHost  .  RunOneFrame   (  )

                  [   11  MORE  LINES  HIDDEN   ]
AtG - General Discussion / Re: Rebalancing Food + New Unstable Version
« Last post by Jon Shafer on April 24, 2019, 11:57:52 AM »
Thanks guys! Got a lot on my list I'll be working through over the next several months so make sure to check in on the game every so often. :)

- Jon
AtG - General Discussion / Re: Rebalancing Food + New Unstable Version
« Last post by Hunter on April 23, 2019, 09:39:34 PM »
Indeed. Look forward to playing again with a rebalanced version.
AtG - Bug Reports / Re: Crash when ending turn
« Last post by Immcolata on April 23, 2019, 06:23:40 AM »
Has been very important to make people feel good to get something like a fully ever.
AtG - Bug Reports / Re: v1.0.1.1 crash
« Last post by captain_duck on April 21, 2019, 10:45:39 PM »
Had another crash bug tonight, this during a full stream. When i load up the end of previous turn save, it instantly crashes again. When i load up the previous save manually, it does continue.




What i was doing, well you can see it on the VOD of my stream here, i stopped the stream after i got the CTDs. I noticed near the end that a lot of movement sounds were playing every turn, and later it crashed. Maybe it has something to do with that?


I hope this helps you find these annoying CTDs
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