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My point was really time.  10 hours for act 1 means a single game played full through could take days or weeks.  This is fine if you're doing the game in a grand strategy style like crusader kings or Victoria. 

However, Jon doesn't have the manpower to do something like this. 

I'm not Jon, but as someone who played a lot of the backer beta when it was still being updated - the beta game is basically only that "initial" 10 hours and is a lot of fun - I don't necessarily agree with his solution, but that 10 hours won't be boring. Its really unlike any other 4x game out there (still), and you have an interesting game where you put down temporary roots, exploit local resources, and then have to decide the best time to move on - you don't want to be trapped in the Winter in a bad spot. Instead of upgrading buildings, you gather and upgrade clans within your tribe with specific roles (and likes/dislikes).

Hopefully he opens up the beta to more backers - I think the game (untouched the past 18 months) is a lot of fun, and is really only lacking a metagame goal/endgame.
so I'd like to comment on a few items here.

 "I'll be active again here and on Twitter so if you have any questions (or justified rants) I'll be around to answer them."  So despite being one of the more vocal members of this and the KS forum, you have never once engaged me directly either on a forum or privately.   Does this update me you will start to communicate with me? 

Secondly, I requested on KS that you open up the beta testing to all backers, as I think we're well past the expectations for those who contributed more.  As someone with over 2,000 hours on Civ 5 and many more hours on Civ 4 I think I could positively contribute if I had access to the game.

finally, "Instead of just migrating around the map for ten hours as resources run out all around you, roughly a third of the way in you'll start to settle down before building a secure kingdom and eventually confronting the Romans directly." 

ok so wandering around the map for 10 hours foraging sounds a bit excessive and boring.  I suggest you immediately do away with that nonsense. 

Is this game going to be like Civ 5 whereby the routine decisions are simplified and made for you or is it going to be more of a paradox Grand Strategy game?  Either way, I would like some clarification on establishing a kingdom and how it will work?  we are playing as Scandinavian peoples that have gone though a forced migration west due to the Huns and have ended up in Roman controlled lands.  Some end up being Roman soldiers, some are in regular conflict with the  Romans, and some are fighting each other.  The common thread that they share is war and it took approx. 1,000 years for Rome to finally fall.  How do you plan to reconcile and integrate the politics and cultural issues involved in getting these people to work together as a common nation against Rome?

Welcome back...

I am hoping you will finish this baby in good time.

I wonder also on cultural differences since I also ended in Sweden... and its been interesting XP so far!
AtG - General Discussion / Jon posted another KickStarter update on 12/01
« Last post by RickDeckard on December 04, 2017, 02:51:10 PM »
Jon has added Update #44 to the Kickstarter.

As promised in #43 "from here on out I'll be posting a project status update on the 1st of every month."

Update #44

Hey all,

This monthly project update will be dedicated to talking about the mid-game, as that's currently the largest challenge remaining.

One of the biggest challenges with AtG is figuring out exactly what the arc of the game is. All along we've known it's about "barbarians", moving around the map, depleting resources, the seasons, and so on. But as I alluded to in my last update the vision of having the entire experience be based on migration wasn't something that held up over the course of a multi-hundred-turn game. So it's been time to evaluate what that extra step is, as is often the case in developing a big, complex game. You start with an idea and need to iterate on it in order to reach full potential. Having good, solid, fun mechanics are a nice start, but that only holds up for so long. You need a cohesive "fantasy" to tie it all together, to provide a reason why you're playing in the first place.

So what's that cohesive fantasy in AtG?

First of all, this is a survival strategy game. It's not so much a game about a continuous upward arc throughout history, ala Civ, but about fighting against the world and the odds in order to make it. The fantasy is also tied into the subject matter: in this case, the fall of the Roman Empire, and the place of the Germanic Tribes within this new world order.

So how does that translate into a strategy game?

AtG will now comprise of three "acts". The first will be based on survival and migration, and embody the philosophy which has defined the game thus far. The second act will be settling down and establishing a kingdom, putting your stamp on the world. The third will be defending and reinforcing this new polity, protecting it from those who seek its destruction - the Romans in particular.

In detail, this means two big changes: declaring your kingdom and "Control".

Declaring your kingdom is an important dividing line between the early-game and the mid-game. It will now be an action you declare which causes your Settlement to be permanently fixed in place for the rest of the game. It will also cost a small amount of Resources, but also provide a large bonus to compensate. In a sense, it's an important punctuation mark on transitioning into an important new phase of the game.

Control is, in essence, borders. To prevent players from simply building and capturing Structures anywhere on the map there needs to be some kind of rule dictating what you can own, where. Previously you could only construct things adjacent to your Settlement, but they would remain online after you moved away. This was strategically interesting, but somewhat confusing, and doesn't really work super-well with the new concept of having a glued-in-place Settlement. Control now extends from every Structure you own, giving your kingdom the ability to grow over time, and building certain special Structures will now allow you to plant your flag anywhere on the map, as long as you have the proper Clans and Resources to allow for it.

Together these two changes will reshape what the mid-game looks and plays like. Can't show them off in-game just yet, as they're currently in-progress. On the 15th though I'll be back with another post which articulates what all of this means in detail. 'Til then!

- Jon

Off-Topic / Re: Prey : Game for PS4 ,Xbox one and PC
« Last post by Clatterbuck on November 22, 2017, 10:10:35 AM »
I wouldn't recommend Prey. Maybe if you can find it on sale or something, but not for full price. There are much better games out there.
Off-Topic / Re: Worlds of Magic Kickstarter
« Last post by Sadudinhun on November 22, 2017, 05:08:39 AM »
I have seen that it is true and believe in this.
Conifer and the Games Industry / Re: How Do You Become a Game Designer?
« Last post by Sadudinhun on November 22, 2017, 05:08:16 AM »
It would be most true that it was.
AtG - General Discussion / Re: Jon Shafer joins Paradox!!!
« Last post by Haako87 on November 21, 2017, 03:44:49 AM »
So... he just "left" Paradox.

Good for them or for AtG? Some other user ponited out, that he updated kickstarted page and he is focusing on the game again. We'll see about that...
So someone making this fresh by posting on it on the 13th, had be check KS today and see  todays update (I glanced through your OP and missed the date) though it looks like I inadvertently got you to also see the new post.
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