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AtG - General Discussion / Issues and suggestions V23 alpha
« on: January 12, 2018, 11:46:25 AM »
So I finally received a key to play the alpha.  these are my thoughts after about 20 hours of play through .  I apologize if some of this is repeated elsewhere or on the private forums, which I do not have access to.  I'm not including things obvious to an alpha, such as the markers for unfinished graphics

Bugs / Crashes
- entering another clan's control space crashes game
- attempting to conduct diplomacy crashes game
- clicking pack/unpack too quickly on camp sometimes crashes game
- moving camp through wooded areas and quickly clicking "unpack" creates frame loss and crash sometimes
- I cannot engage in training someone for fishing.  with the training and 20 wood, it shows as blanked out.  I have tried having it within my control area while doing this
- Enemy clans do absolutely nothing.  they don't attack, mine resources, or move about the map. 
- attacking an enemy camp causes a crash
- having too many saved games (ive had up to 171) sometimes  causes a crash.  Game runs cleaner with fewer saves
- play Europe map crashes game

Imbalances / areas to clean up
- higher skilled trades need more benefits - for example, a blacksmith makes 1 tool for 1 iron.  a toolsmith makes 4 tools for 4 iron.  The toolsmith should be more efficient, such as making 6 tools with 4 iron. 
- Caravans do not sell food.  why not?
- need more hot keys to move between screens without clicking so much
- early game oil is super hard to get.  I have not had a game yet where I even found the resource (played up to 171 turns).  This makes healing extremely difficult
- Regarding healing, I think it's unnecessarily hard to heal a character with the resource requirements.  There should be a doctor/healer trade that can handle the job
  automatically for all characters within the control area.
- Cloth and parchment are super hard to get too.  I have only been able to maintain these resources via caravan trades.
- Tinkerers are too expensive to operate.  1 tools per turn severely restricts me on maps with limited resources.  15 turns/training is a very high alternative
- Clan recruitment.  the first 14 go by real quick.  the next 6 ok, but that's if you can get your hands on 5 cloth.  After 20, it really becomes a chore to get people unless you have the resources to bring on a Bard.  Depending on the map, alcohol can be a real challenge.  I have not tried using a feast master as of yet
- I don't really understand the whole meat thing.  When I have a hunter working on a herd, all I see is food +/-.  There is no supply for "meat."  When I put a rancher on the same herd, I get a stock pile of animals (cows, pigs, etc) but they show as a resource, not "meat"  I get that there are butchers and some mechanics to make that whole thing work, but I never seem to have a stockpile of animals and a subsequent butcher available due to the constant lack of food available on the map.  by the time I have a "lord of the hunt," usually the herds that were nearby are used up just to survive.
- stone blocks has been another real point of contention.  Due to the very high cost of building (20 wood for farms, etc), it's real hard to have excess wood to make coal.  I have found that coal mines are rare and, if you find one, usually the cost of having it is outweighed by the loss of not having an iron mine.
- Traders should offer more benefits.  8 gold / 20 gold per turn is good, but there should be access to a greater market.  perhaps, via a trader, we could get more preferred pricing (buy/sell) than offered by the standard caravan
- wood access.  the cost of "woodworks" is too expensive. as explained earlier, it's hard to get stone blocks going and the cost of 20 has been too hard for me to achieve so far when you consider finding a stone quarry (rare), training up stone cutters, tools (need iron also) and then 20 turns to make the product.  It seems to be way more efficient to have a wood bundler and 2 wood collectors, rather than a logger (can generate 9.5 wood/turn during the spring/summer)
- boards again another real challenge.  the 20 wood to continually build all these work camps make it hard to stockpile for board production, and that's if you have free recruits to train up a woodspitter.  I have been into that 20+ clans situation when I get to woodsplitters and I usually do not have a free hand to do it
- wool the biggest issue I have with cloth is the lack of reasonable access.  Since early game you have to use any herds available for meat, if you find a herd of sheet (also rare) you cannot afford to take advantage of it. 
- to relieve the wool issue, I think that an early game unit should be a scavenger.  This would be a character that could generate a small, but sustainable amount of food from resources on forest, brush and stream squares.  this could include fruit and fish
 - along with that, when my character (say a gatherer or farmer) is upgraded to get +2 fruit, where does that fruit go?  it does not show up as a resource, however, there is an animation for +2 fruit.  I don't notice any increase in my + food either

i'll post more at a later date

AtG - General Discussion / Re: 2 Updates in 1 month!
« on: December 18, 2017, 06:36:39 PM »
Hopefully they keep coming.

Does anybody know how I can get into the Beta forum? When I bought the game, after Kickstarter, I believe it said to PM him and he will let you into the Beta area? But he hasn't been online in over a year so I still can't get in.


good luck with that  ;D

My point was really time.  10 hours for act 1 means a single game played full through could take days or weeks.  This is fine if you're doing the game in a grand strategy style like crusader kings or Victoria. 

However, Jon doesn't have the manpower to do something like this. 

so I'd like to comment on a few items here.

 "I'll be active again here and on Twitter so if you have any questions (or justified rants) I'll be around to answer them."  So despite being one of the more vocal members of this and the KS forum, you have never once engaged me directly either on a forum or privately.   Does this update me you will start to communicate with me? 

Secondly, I requested on KS that you open up the beta testing to all backers, as I think we're well past the expectations for those who contributed more.  As someone with over 2,000 hours on Civ 5 and many more hours on Civ 4 I think I could positively contribute if I had access to the game.

finally, "Instead of just migrating around the map for ten hours as resources run out all around you, roughly a third of the way in you'll start to settle down before building a secure kingdom and eventually confronting the Romans directly." 

ok so wandering around the map for 10 hours foraging sounds a bit excessive and boring.  I suggest you immediately do away with that nonsense. 

Is this game going to be like Civ 5 whereby the routine decisions are simplified and made for you or is it going to be more of a paradox Grand Strategy game?  Either way, I would like some clarification on establishing a kingdom and how it will work?  we are playing as Scandinavian peoples that have gone though a forced migration west due to the Huns and have ended up in Roman controlled lands.  Some end up being Roman soldiers, some are in regular conflict with the  Romans, and some are fighting each other.  The common thread that they share is war and it took approx. 1,000 years for Rome to finally fall.  How do you plan to reconcile and integrate the politics and cultural issues involved in getting these people to work together as a common nation against Rome?

AtG - General Discussion / Re: Hello Everyone!!!
« on: September 13, 2017, 05:43:51 PM »
Hi everyone, I am also newbie here.

This is a failed game on a dead forum.  Welcome

AtG - General Discussion / Re: Projected Finish Date Please
« on: August 31, 2017, 07:43:03 PM »
Charlatan couldnt make alpha as playable as it is.
I can and will wait. Game is still great and hopefully soon will be greater.

he wasn't given 100K to build an alpha and it's not a good game.  Its a start with limited middle and no end game.

Athelas, I think you should also grow a beard until it comes out.   you and goodgimp will have beards for Christmas

which was supposed to be july 31st.  That's the point of deadlines is that you release on that date, not weeks or months later with an apology.  A professional would mention ahead of time that the deadline would not be met, but he's not a professional so

what gave you the idea that Jon would actually meet the milestone?

AtG - General Discussion / Re: Jon Shafer joins Paradox!!!
« on: June 19, 2017, 01:58:43 PM »
You tell me where I'm wrong and I'll correct it .  Otherwise stop supporting bad behavior. 

AtG - General Discussion / Re: Jon Shafer joins Paradox!!!
« on: June 16, 2017, 01:18:46 PM »
Gene the man left a job that had health insurance and asked for this project.  He received 2.5 x more money than he asked for (100k vs. 40k) Don't talk to me about not having health insurance when he could and should have planned to carry insurance as part of the business plan.   

Secondly, he has been either non responsive or had flat out lied repeatedly over the last 2.5 years since he released the alpha.  If fact, he just lied again 6 weeks ago declaring he would start updating us every "few weeks" when in fact he has done no communicating.  The fact that Jon,  a man who makes his living on a computer, cannot spend 5 minutes a week to post on any public forum, shows that he's either hiding something or not telling the truth.

When Jon wants to start acting like a responsible adult, I will give him some respect.  Until then, there will be no slack

AtG - General Discussion / Re: Jon Shafer joins Paradox!!!
« on: June 08, 2017, 02:52:26 PM »
Yes those cripling health issues like 6 months for a broken rib and " mental health issues" lasting 2 1/2 years.   Got it he's too frail to work on our project but good enough for paradox . 

AtG - General Discussion / Re: Jon Shafer joins Paradox!!!
« on: June 07, 2017, 06:33:07 PM »
He looks like someone who is relieved to move on from the pesky backers who expect something for our money

AtG - General Discussion / Re: Projected Finish Date Please
« on: May 17, 2017, 12:08:29 PM »
Athelas so Jon takes 100k and makes a partially complete alpha 2 years ago.  He sits and does really nothing noteworthy for 2 years, then claims poverty to take a full time job.  By the way, at a company that his project will compete against.  You think paradox didn't have him sign a non compete clause while they employ him?

He got 4 years of spending our money and did not produce any kind of retail product.  If you don't want to use charlatan, then pick another word

The game won't come out unless paradox publishes it

lol good luck on a refund.  Jon was lying about that like everything else.   Why a reputable company like paradox would hire this loser is beyond me.  I give it 1 year before they throw him out

AtG - General Discussion / Re: Projected Finish Date Please
« on: March 13, 2017, 12:45:06 AM »
Goodgimp you shouldn't defend this fool.  He took 100k and abandoned the project under a series of pathetic excuses and lies

Prove me wrong and I'll Recant it

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